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Transfer History

Players bought: 308
Players sold: 302
Total purchases: Rs 19,893,142,387
Total sales: Rs 24,761,991,757
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DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
02-06-2017Aneesh SoniFIGHTER HUBTHE SPECIAL ONE 23,3258,160,000 
02-06-2017Suneet ChandwaniCHANNAI SUPER KINGS CSKTHE SPECIAL ONE 17,9784,300,000 
01-06-2017Ravinder JadejaTHE SPECIAL ONEGARGANTIC XI 215,56138,438,700 
24-05-2017Ravinder JadejaROWDIES with the batTHE SPECIAL ONE 222,26145,555,555 
18-05-2017Marshall NonaTHE SPECIAL ONEkhattak warriors 70,45544,261,600 
17-05-2017Marvan AlahakoonTHE SPECIAL ONEPranesh Decepticons 64,59936,460,900 
17-05-2017Isuru AlfassyTHE SPECIAL ONERamasethu 75,70050,730,300 
17-05-2017Carrig MurtaghTHE SPECIAL ONEHISTORY CREATOR 68,97640,389,700 
17-05-2017Alex MendisTHE SPECIAL ONESoup A Star XI 71,42842,840,000 
17-05-2017Sudarshan JainTHE SPECIAL ONEGUARDIANS OF GALAXY 165,40227,920,300 
17-05-2017Billy QuinnTHE SPECIAL ONEAmits XI 149,54566,300,000 
15-05-2017Jafar AkramHemant's WarriorsTHE SPECIAL ONE 5,26910,000 
14-05-2017Mangesh SinghTHE SPECIAL ONEATABARA Royals 205,64779,573,500 
14-05-2017Jishnu ThakuriaTHE SPECIAL ONEThe Umer XI 117,34867,110,800 
14-05-2017Sachin ThomteMosin khanTHE SPECIAL ONE 5,94410,200 
14-05-2017Krishnadas SaxenaRaja Riders 9303THE SPECIAL ONE 4,13539,800 
14-05-2017Tofeeq MohammadNavab 313THE SPECIAL ONE 4,84110,200 
14-05-2017Yunus HussainSiddharth SuperheroesTHE SPECIAL ONE 8,09050,000 
14-05-2017Balasekar SaiPrasadDeactivated teamTHE SPECIAL ONE 4,56210,200 
14-05-2017David WilsonChennai Super Kings returnsTHE SPECIAL ONE 13,27010,200