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Transfer History

Players bought: 308
Players sold: 302
Total purchases: Rs 19,893,142,387
Total sales: Rs 24,761,991,757
Displaying 21-40 of 609 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
04-01-2020Humayun KhalolTHE SPECIAL ONEInsurgents 58,99315,475,200 
02-01-2020Farook NiaziTHE SPECIAL ONEGuru Star 3300 47,60212,340,000 
02-01-2020Fazl-e-Akbar DamanisTHE SPECIAL ONECHANDIGARH BULLS 2 59,06220,009,300 
01-01-2020Vikas NairMumbai ZonersTHE SPECIAL ONE 62340,000 
01-01-2020Kalyan JanarthananChennai Super Kings 3331THE SPECIAL ONE 1,196106,100 
01-01-2020Johann BehardienChennai Super Kings 3331THE SPECIAL ONE 1,50451,500 
26-12-2019Aamer LangoTHE SPECIAL ONENawaz Knight Riders 55,77713,350,000 
22-12-2019Amit MaruSiraj Strikers 3272THE SPECIAL ONE 25,608630,000 
17-03-2019Virat SuryaTHE SPECIAL ONEBlazing Phoenix' 469,123256,748,000 
09-03-2019Shashank ManiUnstoppable GoslingsTHE SPECIAL ONE 1,50410,300 
08-03-2019Sanath JayasuriyaTHE SPECIAL ONEExorcists XI 429,653254,262,000 
08-03-2019Shamshad NoorTHE SPECIAL ONEBangladesh 190s 378,458168,840,000 
07-03-2019Ramesh KumarTHE SPECIAL ONERadiant Ravenous 332,199210,992,400 
07-03-2019Rishab PantTHE SPECIAL ONEDragonites 11 348,278305,156,100 
07-03-2019Moeen AliTHE SPECIAL ONEsaymu 331,152223,329,000 
07-03-2019Callum Dodemaidewa drop bearsTHE SPECIAL ONE 1,29310,300 
07-03-2019Madhab SaxenaHooda WarriorsTHE SPECIAL ONE 2,05530,000 
06-03-2019Apurv AgarwalPunjab RenegadesTHE SPECIAL ONE 95410,000 
05-03-2019Aamir KhanGanesh GorillasTHE SPECIAL ONE 11,039350,000 
05-03-2019Arhaan GhazaliNoman SledgersTHE SPECIAL ONE 2,778117,900 
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