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Transfer History

Players bought: 308
Players sold: 302
Total purchases: Rs 19,893,142,387
Total sales: Rs 24,761,991,757
Displaying 241-260 of 609 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
21-05-2018Vansh SaxenaJonty MastersTHE SPECIAL ONE 69610,000 
21-05-2018Saeed KhwajaMultan King's X1THE SPECIAL ONE 2,19420,000 
21-05-2018Shahid AhmedDavid Royal WarriorsTHE SPECIAL ONE 73810,000 
21-05-2018Upendra KhandelwalAnkit KrushersTHE SPECIAL ONE 1,42025,000 
21-05-2018Sudeep ViswanathanBest FighterTHE SPECIAL ONE 95310,000 
21-05-2018Ataullah NawabiKochin Tuskers 6226THE SPECIAL ONE 70710,000 
21-05-2018Abhay SaxenaAbhi The RockstarsTHE SPECIAL ONE 2,12220,000 
21-05-2018Naveen MaulikAbhi The RockstarsTHE SPECIAL ONE 3,05240,000 
21-05-2018Yash JainUnmesh FightersTHE SPECIAL ONE 65720,000 
21-05-2018Parth PatankarYashwanth Rcb 3478THE SPECIAL ONE 3,01840,000 
21-05-2018Diptesh Chattopadhayomkar Rising StarsTHE SPECIAL ONE 2,86745,000 
21-05-2018Soutam DasBlaze King'sTHE SPECIAL ONE 208,087108,068,800 
19-05-2018Viraj KohliTHE SPECIAL ONEBlaze King's 149,804150,647,800 
19-05-2018Azam KhanTHE SPECIAL ONEThe Spin Attack 152,306155,167,300 
19-05-2018Sheldon MaloneTHE SPECIAL ONEBlaze King's 231,509148,526,000 
19-05-2018Sheldon DowlinYoungster ClubTHE SPECIAL ONE 140,66576,930,000 
18-05-2018Peter GlynnMighty BisonsTHE SPECIAL ONE 160,773116,699,000 
17-05-2018Josh ButtlerNew Zealand11THE SPECIAL ONE 162,68299,287,400 
14-05-2018Viraj KohliTHE SPECIAL ONETHE SPECIAL ONE 148,495147,290,000 
14-05-2018Shiikhar DhawanTHE SPECIAL ONEWINGS  165,468114,736,400 
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