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Transfer History

Players bought: 168
Players sold: 206
Total purchases: Rs 991,507,010
Total sales: Rs 1,027,201,939
Displaying 1-20 of 369 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
07-01-2020Erskine PadmoreS2G TITANSTITANS ARMY 36,63433,230,000 
28-10-2019Ronnie CarlinS2G TITANSStrangers On Song 12,3452,010,000 
26-10-2019Kesavan NanjaiahS2G TITANSStrangers On Song 12,4251,550,000 
26-10-2019Herbert CarnarvonS2G TITANSStrangers On Song 13,1182,000,000 
26-10-2019Subhasish PradhanS2G TITANSStrangers On Song 13,7092,010,000 
26-10-2019Arhaan YasinS2G TITANSStrangers On Song 13,3992,090,000 
26-10-2019Venkat GundaS2G TITANSStrangers On Song 13,4473,010,000 
26-10-2019Rajib RoopchandkaS2G TITANSStrangers On Song 12,6983,070,000 
26-10-2019Manidhar RampalS2G TITANSStrangers On Song 13,7052,900,000 
26-10-2019Aatmaj KondraguntaS2G TITANSStrangers On Song 13,3853,310,000 
25-10-2019Dasmaya PanchalKamal XI 2635S2G TITANS 212,50666,212,800 
05-10-2019Jankinath GoyalS2G TITANSPlayerzzz 11,8097,608,600 
09-08-2019Abel KeaneyS2G TITANSStrangers On Song 80,54614,869,600 
29-07-2019Yash KhumallambamS2G TITANSStrangers On Song 13,0707,070,000 
04-07-2019Ronnie CarlinBlitz BlastersS2G TITANS 12,3452,296,900 
19-06-2019Venkat Gundaashu rockstarsS2G TITANS 13,4471,379,200 
18-06-2019Kaushal SethiHalifax HustlersS2G TITANS 12,3282,520,000 
18-06-2019Rodney McIntoshYazzie XI Yanks 3791S2G TITANS 5,082957,900 
18-06-2019Subhasish PradhanJas Hitmans 5533S2G TITANS 13,7091,280,000 
23-04-2019Lorso FerraoS2G TITANSTITANS ARMY 59,59312,252,800 
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