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Transfer History

Players bought: 38
Players sold: 61
Total purchases: Rs 181,899,320
Total sales: Rs 182,431,474
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DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
10-10-2017Modester MajawaThe flying ScotchmanRoyal Challangers Bangalore 7633 12,723843,500 
24-09-2017Bipin PhukanDeathstalker Scorpions XIThe flying Scotchman 23,2236,231,000 
24-09-2017Nadeesha BhagyaCRAzzy dEVILLzz xiThe flying Scotchman 134,46139,704,300 
24-09-2017Steve MereThe flying ScotchmanDeactivated team 11,4031,339,400 
24-09-2017Admire MshangweThe flying ScotchmanHarsh HiFliers 9236 38,2039,296,800 
24-09-2017Herschelle CullinanThe flying Scotchmanking khan 11 star 21,5744,784,400 
24-09-2017Wayne BothaThe flying ScotchmanDeactivated team 26,7193,937,500 
24-09-2017Justin WhartonThe flying Scotchmankolkata Knight Riders CF 20,9541,317,800 
24-09-2017Admire MankunziniThe flying ScotchmanKings Heath 7898 19,9622,380,000 
24-09-2017Donald WickhamThe flying ScotchmanKINGS XI CHALLENGERS 9,236472,800 
23-09-2017Jason DartnellNetherfieldThe flying Scotchman 7,37290,000 
23-09-2017Frederick FishbourneOliver OverlordsThe flying Scotchman 6,939100,000 
23-09-2017Glenn HauritzDream SmashersThe flying Scotchman 7,65780,000 
10-09-2017Simon NujomaThe flying ScotchmanAdnan Cheetas 17,5862,942,900 
10-09-2017Quentin MathibelaThe flying ScotchmanDeactivated team 22,0361,884,900 
10-09-2017Taruvinga SepengThe flying ScotchmanDelhi Demons 482 26,7944,821,400 
10-09-2017Tatenda MpofuThe flying ScotchmanHard Hitters 9684 21,4441,168,600 
10-09-2017Austen GreerThe flying ScotchmanKhurram Kings 13,251319,300 
10-09-2017Galton GamsyThe flying ScotchmanREDBLAZERS 29,1245,551,400 
10-09-2017Chris FourieThe flying ScotchmanSureshs Jaan 42,87310,034,500 
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