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Transfer History

Players bought: 77
Players sold: 143
Total purchases: Rs 1,253,726,720
Total sales: Rs 1,694,080,808
Displaying 1-20 of 220 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
22-03-2020Ridley DuguidYOUTH CRICKET CLUBiamkohli 279,32574,412,800 
13-03-2020Adikavi VernekarYOUTH CRICKET CLUBLucknow Gauntlets 403,140130,000,000 
11-03-2020Madhav VariarYOUTH CRICKET CLUBFarook Amazers 13,3357,725,000 
06-03-2020Mahmood RafikYOUTH CRICKET CLUBNow or Never 184,22634,778,400 
21-02-2020Jayanshu ThakwaniYOUTH CRICKET CLUBTHE CHOOSEN ONE 274,44250,000,000 
17-02-2020Nidip ChavaliSpinghar PrangaanYOUTH CRICKET CLUB 13,38511,370,900 
07-02-2020Ricky GreenIMMORTAL SAGEYOUTH CRICKET CLUB 16,26763,338,800 
06-02-2020Henry KallisYOUTH CRICKET CLUBchattisgarh lions 171,96826,878,800 
03-02-2020Brenden HorneYOUTH CRICKET CLUBNeutral XI 201,76380,000,000 
03-02-2020Jelani KingTeam RKOYOUTH CRICKET CLUB 13,0726,161,600 
03-02-2020Michael OsbourneLions LankaYOUTH CRICKET CLUB 26,92821,218,000 
01-02-2020Bruce WheelerYOUTH CRICKET CLUBNeutral XI 170,55960,000,000 
31-01-2020Dipanjan SinghviAvengers EndgameYOUTH CRICKET CLUB 26,96623,010,800 
31-01-2020Ahendra KatakeyDeactivated teamYOUTH CRICKET CLUB 1,77231,000 
29-01-2020Vasudev PillaiDark Devils 2265YOUTH CRICKET CLUB 3,63220,000 
27-01-2020Mahmood MubarikYOUTH CRICKET CLUBManchester City 6783 16,1483,000,000 
26-01-2020Brenden HorneTHE PHOENIXYOUTH CRICKET CLUB 201,763105,000,000 
25-01-2020Chetan KhandelwalYOUTH CRICKET CLUBMehsana Urbans 28,66026,780,000 
25-01-2020Asadullah NoyanYOUTH CRICKET CLUBVal Chel CC 24,83325,750,000 
25-01-2020Ritvaan GhadaiYOUTH CRICKET CLUBDASHING STRIKERS 33,54130,900,000 
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