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Transfer History

Players bought: 286
Players sold: 336
Total purchases: Rs 5,291,111,566
Total sales: Rs 5,759,534,087
Displaying 141-160 of 622 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
28-12-2019Isuru Aravindasanjan Knight ridersALI XI DHAKAD 274,21249,145,600 
26-12-2019Suwarna UsmanMansehra Shaheensanjan Knight riders 383,20183,583,800 
26-12-2019Andy BlackmanDanger attackerssanjan Knight riders 303,11855,634,000 
22-12-2019Ahendra Mahlotrasanjan Knight ridersALI XI DHAKAD 21,2181,800,000 
22-12-2019Prabhash Prajapatisanjan Knight ridersKING XI Gujarat 218,06858,782,000 
16-12-2019Sachin Arorasanjan Knight ridersSunrisers Sanjan 10,5151,839,100 
10-12-2019Dominic WrightKKssanjan Knight riders 167,45340,000,000 
10-12-2019Ahsan Shahidisanjan Knight ridersSunrisers Sanjan 12,3263,540,000 
10-12-2019Nilakshan ApsaraSmith XI 9598sanjan Knight riders 213,74738,872,400 
08-12-2019Gyanendra Sapkotasanjan Knight ridersInvincible Thunder Strikers XI 219,86050,511,600 
05-12-2019Rick Butlersanjan Knight ridersToshib Twisters 234,97972,326,400 
04-12-2019Stanley AlexanderMagical RoHitmansanjan Knight riders 278,84060,000,000 
30-11-2019Harsh Bisoyisanjan Knight ridersALI XI DHAKAD 12,2953,075,000 
30-11-2019Dinesh Konwarsanjan Knight ridersALI XI DHAKAD 12,7312,546,600 
28-11-2019Isuru AravindaBlaze King'ssanjan Knight riders 298,42527,981,400 
21-11-2019Himesh Govindasamisanjan Knight ridersALI XI DHAKAD 194,19056,797,200 
20-11-2019Zahir KhanBuk Lulusanjan Knight riders 224,913100,785,500 
20-11-2019Grant Clairesanjan Knight ridersToshib Twisters 179,10367,065,600 
20-11-2019Soumik Raosanjan Knight ridersMalik Xi 1008 14,2682,852,000 
20-11-2019Prabhash PrajapatiSPECIAL SQUADsanjan Knight riders 215,26256,172,400 
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