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Transfer History

Players bought: 286
Players sold: 336
Total purchases: Rs 5,291,111,566
Total sales: Rs 5,759,534,087
Displaying 121-140 of 622 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
13-01-2020Kanav SaraogiKING XI Gujaratsanjan Knight riders 25,6091,650,000 
12-01-2020Ajay Phataknawab unitedsanjan Knight riders 12,9632,040,000 
12-01-2020Mradul SaxenaDevi Riderssanjan Knight riders 13,7502,000,000 
12-01-2020Abhishek GuptaDangerous Guy'ssanjan Knight riders 12,7612,530,000 
08-01-2020Chaturanga ArthaviduThe Centurionssanjan Knight riders 11,8911,856,600 
08-01-2020Kadeem BendigeriKING'SLANDsanjan Knight riders 27,1412,556,800 
08-01-2020Stevie JardineSomerset Bristoleonssanjan Knight riders 14,7911,111,111 
01-01-2020Prakash Ulagusanjan Knight ridersPrakash Super Kings 24,31112,479,500 
30-12-2019Balwant Nandasanjan Knight ridersALI XI DHAKAD 12,0243,027,500 
30-12-2019Graham Jordansanjan Knight ridersDanger attackers 25,56213,450,000 
30-12-2019Kurt Rosesanjan Knight ridersALI XI DHAKAD 10,6772,041,900 
30-12-2019Jeet Sawsanjan Knight ridersArun Amazers 8082 15,3302,944,700 
30-12-2019Nigel Gilchristsanjan Knight ridersMUMBAI RIDERS CC 26,54913,925,600 
29-12-2019Anupam Agarwalsanjan Knight ridersDanger attackers 29,14116,010,000 
29-12-2019Mohan Baruasanjan Knight ridersALI XI DHAKAD 20,14210,810,000 
29-12-2019Chris Baconsanjan Knight ridersDanger attackers 21,2626,760,000 
29-12-2019Aansh Goelsanjan Knight riderstamil dragons 35,40713,554,800 
29-12-2019Nihal Ragampudisanjan Knight ridersStranger Eleven 25,6945,016,100 
29-12-2019Dawar Akramsanjan Knight ridersDanger attackers 36,01817,040,000 
29-12-2019Rizwan Haqsanjan Knight ridersDanger attackers 12,1593,055,200 
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