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Transfer History

Players bought: 88
Players sold: 72
Total purchases: Rs 610,465,300
Total sales: Rs 662,920,137
Displaying 41-60 of 159 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
07-10-2018Sabbir BajwaThe DRAGONITES XIEleven Dark Horses 13,1591,000,000 
07-10-2018Edward DernbachThe DRAGONITES XIEleven Dark Horses 13,198540,000 
06-10-2018Cedric QuongEleven Dark HorsesGreat Amaravati 132,52642,624,500 
06-10-2018Chandra SaxenaThe DRAGONITES XIEleven Dark Horses 75,44312,850,000 
06-10-2018Rishikesh ParamasivamThe DRAGONITES XIEleven Dark Horses 15,3823,010,000 
06-10-2018Yudhisthir PothuvalThe DRAGONITES XIEleven Dark Horses 15,1591,210,000 
06-10-2018Sukesh KhareThe DRAGONITES XIEleven Dark Horses 14,523690,000 
04-10-2018Kopano CebekhuluiLightening ThundersEleven Dark Horses 51,20550,314,300 
04-10-2018Shamsur HasanEleven Dark HorsesCHENNAI SUPER KINGS CC 105,17065,764,200 
14-09-2018Cedric QuongEleven Dark HorsesEleven Dark Horses 124,79958,184,500 
14-09-2018Kamaldeep MaruThe DRAGONITES XIEleven Dark Horses 12,0022,980,000 
14-09-2018Manav JyaniThe DRAGONITES XIEleven Dark Horses 12,042520,000 
14-09-2018Shaan LawnghauThe DRAGONITES XIEleven Dark Horses 11,2651,380,000 
14-09-2018Jaydeb BarooahLightening ThundersEleven Dark Horses 8,8821,560,000 
14-09-2018Hamza HabibiLightening ThundersEleven Dark Horses 9,4341,590,000 
14-09-2018Saurabh VenkatramanLightening ThundersEleven Dark Horses 11,6942,180,000 
14-09-2018Samar PradhanLightening ThundersEleven Dark Horses 10,245930,000 
14-09-2018Arun SaxenaLightening ThundersEleven Dark Horses 13,3203,570,000 
14-09-2018Nelon CassellsLightening ThundersEleven Dark Horses 33,98814,704,800 
14-09-2018Shakib BaruaLightening ThundersEleven Dark Horses 11,3422,980,000 
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