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Transfer History

Players bought: 30
Players sold: 13
Total purchases: Rs 77,533,600
Total sales: Rs 76,965,100
Displaying 1-20 of 43 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
12-03-2017Acaryasuta Mishracaptain cool msMs Dhoni Fans 10,6803,264,000 
30-01-2017Nikin SardaMs Dhoni Fansssss 3633 21,6081,700,000 
27-01-2017Arshad RiazRoyal Strikers 4309Ms Dhoni Fans 66,89514,000,000 
26-01-2017Sunil BandaraRoyal Strikers 4309Ms Dhoni Fans 102,04618,000,000 
26-01-2017Johan JohnstonRoyal Strikers 4309Ms Dhoni Fans 39,7812,000,000 
26-01-2017Jimmy ZealRoyal Strikers 4309Ms Dhoni Fans 26,1475,000,000 
25-01-2017Bhagavati GuduruRoyal Strikers 4309Ms Dhoni Fans 16,6141,350,000 
24-01-2017Ankith KarnatiMs Dhoni FansHarrys Heros 16,5205,000,000 
24-01-2017Sebastian LauraMs Dhoni FansRoyal Strikers 4309 29,63610,529,700 
24-01-2017Kevin LawMs Dhoni FansTeal Tornados 30,1228,755,000 
24-01-2017Hashim KhanMs Dhoni FansRoyal Strikers 4309 22,7086,086,400 
20-01-2017Kevin AbbottSevenhillsur 007Ms Dhoni Fans 11,742500,000 
20-01-2017Saqlain MalikSevenhillsur 007Ms Dhoni Fans 13,8661,000,000 
18-01-2017Sardar AhmedDdVijiv VikingsMs Dhoni Fans 21,9971,000,000 
18-01-2017Neil DashDdVijiv VikingsMs Dhoni Fans 17,186780,000 
18-01-2017Travis TyasDdVijiv VikingsMs Dhoni Fans 10,9591,000,000 
18-01-2017James DonaldsonDdVijiv VikingsMs Dhoni Fans 22,4062,500,000 
14-01-2017Morne PattersonMs Dhoni FansPRATAPGAD PANTHERS 30,68721,000,000 
12-01-2017Aloka AmendraMs Dhoni FansThe Wristy Stroker's 20,6841,000,000 
12-01-2017Padmaj KotakMalai Elu 007Ms Dhoni Fans 23,5041,600,000 
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