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Transfer History

Players bought: 162
Players sold: 207
Total purchases: Rs 9,248,215,825
Total sales: Rs 10,140,151,892
Displaying 1-20 of 368 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
16-01-2020Lawton TahirKing of KingzThe Xenathons Returns 95,95227,000,000 
15-01-2020Amitesh BeriwalThe Xenathons ReturnsORANGE ARMY team 112,73310,500,000 
24-12-2019Amitesh BeriwalAll rounder LoverThe Xenathons Returns 112,73329,396,000 
09-12-2019Jerry ColemanSameer UnitedThe Xenathons Returns 32,99210,480,000 
01-12-2019Ajeet AcharjeeThe Xenathons ReturnsKarthik yuvians 185,84151,899,700 
30-11-2019Denis MoodyAssKickers X1The Xenathons Returns 29,18111,700,000 
12-10-2019Ajeet AcharjeeMarauding BrawniesThe Xenathons Returns 189,775102,448,000 
11-10-2019Brendon KeaneThe Xenathons ReturnsIndian Kings 6989 85,39331,410,500 
11-10-2019Jatin ManhasThe Xenathons ReturnsChandni Chowk To China 201,50745,588,800 
05-09-2019Jatin ManhasONE TEAM ONE DREAMThe Xenathons Returns 191,243121,000,000 
02-09-2019Chriss GayleThe Xenathons ReturnsNotebook celebration 236,295175,000,000 
15-08-2019Chriss GayleONE TEAM ONE DREAMThe Xenathons Returns 235,650196,000,000 
15-08-2019Sakshik ReddyThe Xenathons ReturnsChennai Super Kings 7177 219,70361,800,000 
14-08-2019Chandan BhattaraiThe Xenathons ReturnsWINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER 15,9942,000,000 
14-08-2019Brendon KeaneRogues XIThe Xenathons Returns 73,27142,000,000 
13-08-2019Mahiindersingh DhoniThe Xenathons ReturnsMaGiCaL MoNsTeR 363,361200,000,000 
05-08-2019Ben RogersThe Xenathons ReturnsTELANGANA RENEGADES 383,875118,000,000 
05-08-2019Sakshik ReddyONE TEAM ONE DREAMThe Xenathons Returns 219,703160,000,000 
04-08-2019Clive GamsyThe Xenathons ReturnsSMOKERS N DRINKERS 76,66841,000,000 
04-08-2019Robert HoggThe Xenathons ReturnsRAVAGE 349,153101,000,000 
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