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Transfer History

Players bought: 66
Players sold: 98
Total purchases: Rs 1,133,019,900
Total sales: Rs 1,288,561,420
Displaying 1-20 of 159 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
03-06-2020Stephen BadgerJatin Warriors 7289End Of Game 178,14682,308,400 
13-05-2020John FergusonEnd Of GameMaharashtra Maestros 78,136191,611,800 
12-05-2020Parth MaheshwariEnd Of Gamenaveen wariors 288,97076,744,800 
21-03-2020David LaurensEnd Of GameMumbai Wolf Pack 13,8192,430,000 
20-03-2020Santosh BabuEnd Of GameNantha Nightriders 1684 13,6683,264,200 
12-03-2020David LaurensDESTRUCTION NO 1End Of Game 12,7381,224,000 
07-03-2020Rinesh PokalGaurav Breakers 8824End Of Game 2,05510,000 
05-03-2020Chayan KatakiEnd Of GameLahore Rockers 21,87912,320,000 
17-02-2020Sailesh ChittiEnd Of GameBHARGAV XI 4244 128,90213,581,900 
16-02-2020Jamal HaqD XIEnd Of Game 237,383112,890,000 
10-02-2020Abhay RedhuEnd Of GameDarshan Droopers 2024 92,08150,467,200 
07-02-2020Shabbir QidwaiRd XIEnd Of Game 12,6012,240,000 
29-01-2020Graham GearryEnd Of GameSantanu Titans 229,04136,897,600 
29-01-2020Nishit KhannaEnd Of GameMs Asraar Kings 232,81249,671,100 
07-01-2020Amarna NaredlaEnd Of GameAntony 77 10,9233,066,100 
31-12-2019Subhajit VaidyanathanEnd Of GameKhulna Titian's 13,6342,280,000 
29-12-2019Parth MaheshwariTigers XI ClubEnd Of Game 249,40889,991,600 
25-12-2019Ramchandra JadejaEnd Of GameLIONS' PRIDE 75,86677,061,900 
25-12-2019Harish HosurEnd Of GameThe Match Engine 27,44434,603,800 
22-12-2019Manohar MishraRoyal RathodEnd Of Game 5,518288,400 
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