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Transfer History

Players bought: 148
Players sold: 146
Total purchases: Rs 3,724,830,030
Total sales: Rs 4,100,947,800
Displaying 101-120 of 291 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
02-03-2020Rhys AdamBattlefield11Mumbai Indian Cricket Club 135,41830,014,000 
23-02-2020Dipanjan BhatnagarHillsBorougH JF96Mumbai Indian Cricket Club 284,46330,282,900 
22-02-2020Latish BanjanGod Of Cricket 3958Mumbai Indian Cricket Club 47,61031,471,700 
20-02-2020Cyril WalshCanadian KingMumbai Indian Cricket Club 55,44718,467,200 
19-02-2020Romil ThakreMumbai Indian Cricket ClubSOUTH AFRICA 187,49288,138,800 
15-02-2020Pranav PapireddyJass Knight RidersMumbai Indian Cricket Club 316,90285,546,500 
14-02-2020Tapan PalejaVisnagar IcebreakersMumbai Indian Cricket Club 23,26219,070,300 
14-02-2020Anand KarthikMumbai Indian Cricket ClubKnight Cricket Club 271,39661,726,400 
11-02-2020Roth TaylorMumbai Indian Cricket ClubClub MS 387,65154,198,600 
11-02-2020Kabir ShahMumbai Indian Cricket ClubQasar XI 323,85562,059,200 
09-02-2020Jaspreet TiwariCiju KnightsMumbai Indian Cricket Club 115,47933,705,200 
08-02-2020Ritwik AgarwalMumbai Indian Cricket ClubCG Mammoths 292,91466,691,300 
05-02-2020Deepchand GodaraGuru XI 3170Mumbai Indian Cricket Club 82,56825,750,000 
04-02-2020Evan CallawayMumbai Indian Cricket ClubYod Rangers 9213 13,4712,074,100 
03-02-2020Vinit PatsariyaMumbai Indian Cricket ClubNorwood Green 116,69924,760,400 
03-02-2020Uddhav PandyaMumbai Indian Cricket ClubDravidian 5963 11,489850,000 
03-02-2020Chayan PhukanMumbai Indian Cricket Clubromansagar reigns 21,2197,390,000 
02-02-2020Baladhitya BhattiMen From HellMumbai Indian Cricket Club 15,9715,970,500 
01-02-2020Deepankar MishraMumbai Indian Cricket ClubGandhinagar Machines 2757 12,5741,270,000 
31-01-2020Marshall PerkinMumbai Indian Cricket ClubVisnagar Icebreakers 155,91537,912,100 
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