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Transfer History

Players bought: 148
Players sold: 146
Total purchases: Rs 3,724,830,030
Total sales: Rs 4,100,947,800
Displaying 41-60 of 291 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
10-08-2020Gambhir ShetDark Horses 92Mumbai Indian Cricket Club 13,8521,800,000 
10-08-2020Prafulla AgarwalCR REDSMumbai Indian Cricket Club 15,5901,500,000 
10-08-2020Soumit NarayanItsashu ZonersMumbai Indian Cricket Club 17,5866,884,800 
09-08-2020Ankit DuttaTurf HerosMumbai Indian Cricket Club 26,9905,304,500 
09-08-2020Mahaan PassiSam's KitchenMumbai Indian Cricket Club 222,39554,939,400 
08-08-2020Akash JayakumarCroft CCMumbai Indian Cricket Club 37,43669,545,000 
07-08-2020Deep ChhiarchuangCrUsH ThE FoRcEMumbai Indian Cricket Club 88,24358,519,700 
07-08-2020Malcolm WeirThunderbolts TitansMumbai Indian Cricket Club 220,89933,000,000 
04-08-2020Douglas QuongMaitree XIMumbai Indian Cricket Club 132,52175,886,700 
03-08-2020Latish BanjanMumbai Indian Cricket ClubTiger 11 210,295207,451,100 
31-07-2020Deepchand GodaraBangalore Cricket ClubMumbai Indian Cricket Club 97,20520,820,800 
31-07-2020Moulinath DiwakarMumbai Indian Cricket ClubBangalore Cricket Club 242,30672,674,000 
31-07-2020Jerry MortonHeroes XplicitsMumbai Indian Cricket Club 293,53434,943,600 
31-07-2020Viraat KohliViCtOrIoUs SeCrEt7Mumbai Indian Cricket Club 226,86219,564,600 
31-07-2020Chandramohan EradiMumbai Indian Cricket ClubGareeb 153,53964,088,000 
30-07-2020Nigel SearleMumbai Indian Cricket ClubMumbai Supernovas 140,56727,372,500 
29-07-2020Ram RosyaraMumbai Indian Cricket ClubRaj Incredibles 314,221109,857,600 
26-07-2020Satyendra TomarDemigod FightersMumbai Indian Cricket Club 230,29983,016,300 
26-07-2020Akshit PapanashiKaran XI 9184Mumbai Indian Cricket Club 61,96643,446,100 
18-07-2020Adhikara PanigrahiChennai Super King'zMumbai Indian Cricket Club 110,415134,904,700 
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