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Transfer History

Players bought: 100
Players sold: 122
Total purchases: Rs 371,021,400
Total sales: Rs 427,857,065
Displaying 61-80 of 220 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
24-06-2014Hisham MajeedREAL SPARTANS golden boyss 30,5401,100,000 
20-06-2014Darshan AtreREAL SPARTANS sunrisers india 18,489870,800 
15-06-2014Nicholas EusebeTHE NOOBSTERSREAL SPARTANS  25,08911,716,900 
12-06-2014Krishna KoneruREAL SPARTANS BINS WARRIORS 31,903340,900 
05-06-2014Sushant DoungelREAL SPARTANS Young Seamers 19,1081,000,000 
05-06-2014Srinivasan NadarREAL SPARTANS DESTRUCTION NO 1 39,8722,393,000 
05-06-2014Dev NongthombamWOLVES RANGERSREAL SPARTANS  17,7683,260,300 
02-06-2014Sushant DoungelDeactivated teamREAL SPARTANS  19,1081,000,000 
29-05-2014Bruce SheldonREAL SPARTANS Deactivated team 47,7323,788,600 
29-05-2014John VaughREAL SPARTANS Deep Sea Rulers 47,1703,176,400 
24-05-2014John Vaughreddy sREAL SPARTANS  47,1703,052,800 
24-05-2014Bruce Sheldonsun challengersREAL SPARTANS  47,7322,746,300 
21-05-2014Aghor JoshiREAL SPARTANS FC Seruppu 11 37,6293,000,000 
21-05-2014ViswaChaitanya KandiyarSMOKIN NINJASREAL SPARTANS  22,7526,395,100 
15-05-2014Srinivasan NadarDeactivated teamREAL SPARTANS  39,8722,413,800 
08-05-2014Aakash GowitrikarREAL SPARTANS JHARKHANDI TITANS 19,0482,040,000 
07-05-2014Aghor JoshiDeactivated teamREAL SPARTANS  37,6291,768,700 
07-05-2014Waqar IlderimREAL SPARTANS THE HERACLES 47,3615,244,900 
05-05-2014Kunal KakotiREAL SPARTANS South Park CC 36,8651,000,000 
04-05-2014Hisham MajeedDeactivated teamREAL SPARTANS  29,8481,118,800 
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