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Transfer History

Players bought: 100
Players sold: 122
Total purchases: Rs 371,021,400
Total sales: Rs 427,857,065
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DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
28-04-2016Myron BaconREAL SPARTANS tiger roars 20,5603,856,800 
11-03-2016Praduman KhannaREAL SPARTANS Deactivated team 60,70212,113,700 
11-03-2016Junior WeekesREAL SPARTANS Kolkata Gladiators 1658 54,1883,802,600 
08-02-2016Siddarth MaraneREAL SPARTANS saeed shedo 12,8553,647,400 
30-01-2016Rahish SabnisREAL SPARTANS Mumbai Lions 12,3331,149,000 
16-12-2015Shiva GangteREAL SPARTANS Ivaturisarada Illusionists 22,1731,238,300 
05-11-2015Harshal SinghREAL SPARTANS The DeaDPooL 12,2501,234,567 
01-11-2015Mettampalayam GounderREAL SPARTANS Aniket XI Club 33,3389,237,000 
15-10-2015Rushikesh BendigeriREAL SPARTANS Kerala Titans XI 16,265711,900 
11-10-2015Maitreya PotdarREAL SPARTANS Dragon Strikerzzzz 16,0106,999,900 
05-05-2015Praduman KhannaSalt Lake MuggersREAL SPARTANS  60,84719,973,100 
03-05-2015Ranesh De SilvaREAL SPARTANS ThE aNgRy TiGeRs 23,0182,084,900 
02-05-2015Chandrakishore LuahphungREAL SPARTANS Dragon Eye 171,83965,000,000 
30-04-2015Samarth PodileDragon EyeREAL SPARTANS  72,02332,473,100 
02-04-2015Dharmendra KapoorTHE AVENGERREAL SPARTANS  42,82820,676,600 
23-03-2015Balaji ChandraREAL SPARTANS Deactivated team 44,64513,840,600 
12-03-2015Ismail AhmedDeactivated teamREAL SPARTANS  4,05210,000 
11-03-2015Gangadhar NoryREAL SPARTANS Deactivated team 35,31411,743,300 
10-03-2015Husain AhmedStrykersREAL SPARTANS  45,63317,620,000 
02-03-2015Abhishek SehrawatREAL SPARTANS Karnataka wrectaklers busters 14,7661,619,100 
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