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Transfer History

Players bought: 92
Players sold: 148
Total purchases: Rs 1,930,991,400
Total sales: Rs 1,856,622,900
Displaying 221-237 of 237 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
02-11-2013Abhinav VaidyarWarriors of DestinyDeactivated team 1,96010,000 
30-10-2013Paul OxleySubrata 11Warriors of Destiny 1,842132,600 
30-10-2013Bhupendra KapseHillsBorougH JF96Warriors of Destiny 2,2441,126,400 
20-10-2013Firdaus HafeezWarriors of DestinyMJ Rocker 3,4871,020,000 
15-09-2013Subhash VasaniWarriors of Destinycool'brute 1,461263,800 
04-09-2013Marvin BrownKOLKATA KRUSADERSWarriors of Destiny 3,1691,585,100 
23-08-2013Bert WatersWarriors of DestinyDeactivated team 5,5321,020,000 
22-08-2013Jayendra JainRattle snakeWarriors of Destiny 1,62372,600 
21-08-2013Shokat AhmedWarriors of DestinyLegacy VIT 1,461100,000 
21-08-2013Mohan MaklaWarriors of DestinyDeactivated team 1,328115,000 
19-08-2013Rajeev KatiyarDravid11Warriors of Destiny 2,020204,000 
15-08-2013Satish RajuWarriors of DestinyDeactivated team 1,65310,000 
09-08-2013Muhammed AliITS ME CHAMPWarriors of Destiny 1,969159,300 
18-07-2013Ebrahim MiandadSpark Mech11Warriors of Destiny 1,453200,000 
10-07-2013Sarfaraz IlderimWarriors of DestinyStrawHats 1,081100,000 
26-06-2013Satish RajuProteasWarriors of Destiny 1,530286,700 
26-06-2013Mohan MaklaProteasWarriors of Destiny 1,129153,000 
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