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Transfer History

Players bought: 177
Players sold: 215
Total purchases: Rs 1,213,790,378
Total sales: Rs 1,535,357,509
Displaying 1-20 of 392 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
27-04-2018Dinesh SameeraThE aNgRy TiGeRsGELOT KING 42,91218,824,800 
08-04-2018Mpilo MbeluThE aNgRy TiGeRsFirebirds Cc 104,92921,273,400 
07-04-2018Deepesh ThakurMinorsThE aNgRy TiGeRs 36,24026,038,300 
06-04-2018Debraj Jainburhan hitwicketThE aNgRy TiGeRs 64,7645,397,600 
03-04-2018Harsha VaidyarThE aNgRy TiGeRsBlizzard 22,8276,756,800 
03-04-2018Debashish PuzariThE aNgRy TiGeRsvirat rcbians 14,7191,850,000 
31-03-2018Harsha VaidyarGryffindor xiThE aNgRy TiGeRs 22,8277,414,500 
31-03-2018Joseph Emerysanjan Knight ridersThE aNgRy TiGeRs 64,14349,880,000 
31-03-2018Somesh SikarwarThE aNgRy TiGeRsBuk Lulu 121,84538,110,000 
30-03-2018Bhanuj GuptaThE aNgRy TiGeRsThe fighters army 68,77711,300,000 
30-03-2018Irving JohnstonThE aNgRy TiGeRsJigsawRagzz 45,1938,410,000 
29-03-2018Irving JohnstonINCREDIBLE XIThE aNgRy TiGeRs 45,1938,550,000 
28-03-2018Dinesh SameeraBlack Wolfs XIThE aNgRy TiGeRs 42,91222,461,600 
28-03-2018Brett AaronKnight Riders 8420ThE aNgRy TiGeRs 69,68215,000,000 
12-03-2018Zubair KaneriaThE aNgRy TiGeRsDeactivated team 10,409800,100 
11-01-2018Rock LeonardThE aNgRy TiGeRskovai super kings 9285 55,24912,915,000 
11-01-2018John PrinceThE aNgRy TiGeRsBlue Syndicates 39,9688,656,200 
28-12-2017Noor KhanThE aNgRy TiGeRsRockyxi Reapers 45,8085,592,900 
16-12-2017Saiyyad MagsiThE aNgRy TiGeRsBlack Hole Warriors 15,5721,462,600 
13-12-2017Haris JasimThE aNgRy TiGeRsDeactivated team 64,2778,701,800 
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