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Transfer History

Players bought: 135
Players sold: 203
Total purchases: Rs 2,410,821,207
Total sales: Rs 2,926,228,760
Displaying 1-20 of 338 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
16-09-2020Adhiraj ChowdaryThe Only OneTax Lions 121,59394,605,200 
25-08-2020Saurav SaxenaThe Only OneROYALCHELLENGER BENGLOR 80,73957,535,800 
23-08-2020Barakatullah ShenwariThe Only OneSUMU LEGENDS XI 229,41994,814,000 
19-08-2020Taurai MshangweThe Only OneNAD E ALI 128,262204,564,400 
14-08-2020Kaushik AnthonyNow or NeverThe Only One 112,030117,319,600 
10-08-2020Jagmohan MadeedharThe Only OneJ&K xi 13,8804,530,000 
06-08-2020Taurai Mshangwestater scorepionThe Only One 128,262115,869,400 
30-07-2020Dheeraj KhandelwalThe Only OnePlacebo Amazers 47,2961,926,600 
18-07-2020Ankur ThongamNow or NeverThe Only One 204,39549,126,000 
10-07-2020Mohd NabiThe Only OneDhirendra XI 60,29267,020,000 
30-06-2020Mohd NabiNow or NeverThe Only One 55,52768,540,000 
29-06-2020Ayan SinglaRandomTagThe Only One 101,50011,000,000 
28-06-2020Ajithan WettimunyThe Only OneNow or Never 230,56839,808,000 
28-06-2020Umer AkmalNow or NeverThe Only One 177,73489,312,000 
24-06-2020Barakatullah ShenwariDazzlin DragonsThe Only One 217,74995,322,400 
14-06-2020Satyajeet ColneyMoy MegatronsThe Only One 20,8464,120,000 
14-06-2020Baljeet SethSmartkidsThe Only One 13,0642,390,000 
07-06-2020Modester MawoyoThe Only OneRK03 286,73088,220,400 
05-06-2020Maroof BhambaJetani Dangers 11The Only One 20,59113,897,800 
04-06-2020Marshall HelmslyThe Only OneMagician's Kings 29,44515,610,000 
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