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Transfer History

Players bought: 41
Players sold: 47
Total purchases: Rs 105,852,632
Total sales: Rs 299,940,600
Displaying 1-20 of 85 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
31-07-2018Cameron BlytonUmang The Pace MakersChethan Cameomakers 108,95943,240,000 
31-07-2018Utsav VatsUmang The Pace MakersASSASSIN EAGLES 102,72950,637,600 
31-07-2018Abhishek AggarwalUmang The Pace MakersChethan Cameomakers 88,33126,322,400 
29-07-2018Sukesh MinhasHarsh FightersUmang The Pace Makers 9,0815,035,700 
29-07-2018Jagtar BediUmar ZalmiUmang The Pace Makers 9,6808,145,100 
26-07-2018Pushpender TapariaUmang The Pace MakersClear Sky 13,6541,880,000 
25-07-2018Romil PandiyanUmang The Pace MakersCh Vixens 33,3492,800,000 
24-07-2018Satyendra GoswamiUmang The Pace MakersYat Warriors 14,523690,000 
24-07-2018Kerry AddisUmang The Pace MakersCalcutta Cobras 60,65017,130,000 
24-07-2018Jethro ChapunguUmang The Pace MakersSons of Zeus 111,33443,721,600 
19-07-2018Kritish AdhikariUmang The Pace MakersTelugu bulls 12,1422,010,000 
19-07-2018Swarup AggarwalUmang The Pace MakersCity Stalkers 13,5972,060,000 
19-07-2018Dickon GlynnGag's warriorUmang The Pace Makers 12,0142,630,000 
18-07-2018Chanak ParamasivamBad Boys Xi 9330Umang The Pace Makers 24,6033,830,000 
18-07-2018Ashmit KumarChennai Super Kings SDUmang The Pace Makers 10,3527,019,900 
18-07-2018Sreedhar KhandelwalMighty Xi 6595Umang The Pace Makers 7,4071,270,000 
18-07-2018Garfield WellsMarvel KingsUmang The Pace Makers 10,0313,015,000 
18-07-2018Hardik GovindasamiEl MatadorsUmang The Pace Makers 6,7021,600,000 
18-07-2018Simon DanielRelinquished XIUmang The Pace Makers 9,9822,000,000 
17-07-2018Arjun JajooAfghan AtalanUmang The Pace Makers 3,9901,060,900 
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