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Transfer History

Players bought: 119
Players sold: 153
Total purchases: Rs 1,779,255,000
Total sales: Rs 1,787,442,968
Displaying 261-272 of 272 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
31-08-2016Jason PayneUnited XPTHULASI Knight Riders 11,6661,016,000 
31-08-2016Humayun MahmoodDemolitionboyzzxiccTHULASI Knight Riders 13,148500,000 
31-08-2016Niaz MalikWorld Cricket ChampionTHULASI Knight Riders 7,99410,200 
31-08-2016Daud KhaniamkohliTHULASI Knight Riders 17,5842,229,900 
30-08-2016Vishak PailaNaveen845THULASI Knight Riders 17,513918,100 
29-08-2016Chandu GarikapatiMNR Leonard'sTHULASI Knight Riders 20,5631,172,000 
29-08-2016Andy LaurenceThe Dictator's EraTHULASI Knight Riders 13,369600,000 
29-08-2016Bodhisattwa Sriramnitish kingsTHULASI Knight Riders 16,0861,040,400 
27-08-2016Dhyanesh RoutrayAlpha NightFuryTHULASI Knight Riders 22,0101,034,500 
27-08-2016Nazir MiandadTeam InvincibleTHULASI Knight Riders 21,0051,449,000 
27-08-2016Marley WatsonSunny Slingers 34THULASI Knight Riders 13,533318,500 
27-08-2016Gaurav HuiremMynnix UnitedTHULASI Knight Riders 14,5371,100,000 
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