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Transfer History

Players bought: 103
Players sold: 184
Total purchases: Rs 4,001,317,500
Total sales: Rs 4,220,789,248
Displaying 1-20 of 287 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
24-06-2020Amitesh BeriwalORANGE ARMY teamLoveky Establishers 80,25210,505,200 
24-06-2020Mark HopesORANGE ARMY teamLoveky Establishers 51,01419,000,000 
24-06-2020Keith MillerTelangana Challengers 3302ORANGE ARMY team 47,59030,429,600 
27-05-2020Shubham JainORANGE ARMY teamTelangana Challengers 3302 73,7424,358,500 
14-05-2020Shubham JainIjaz ForcesORANGE ARMY team 42,78610,300,000 
14-05-2020Nathan MilesIjaz ForcesORANGE ARMY team 22,7519,500,000 
18-04-2020Abhoy KhandelwalThe Spin AttackORANGE ARMY team 36,3879,570,000 
17-04-2020Kaushal BaghelThe Spin AttackORANGE ARMY team 40,4784,400,000 
17-04-2020Mark HopesUnited PowerORANGE ARMY team 39,37910,790,000 
16-01-2020Lokesh UdayarORANGE ARMY teamDANGAROUS TEAM 42,4884,705,400 
15-01-2020Amitesh BeriwalThe Xenathons ReturnsORANGE ARMY team 112,73310,500,000 
24-12-2019Declan MealeyAll rounder LoverORANGE ARMY team 43,3143,330,000 
01-12-2019Shailendra KumarRam XI 4547ORANGE ARMY team 20,1667,670,000 
30-11-2019Tamonash RoutrayAssKickers X1ORANGE ARMY team 32,3446,600,000 
29-11-2019Steve HilfenhausORANGE ARMY teamLK XI 100,69941,080,400 
28-11-2019Lokesh UdayarWINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNERORANGE ARMY team 44,38611,000,000 
28-11-2019Ambaadaas ShekarWINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNERORANGE ARMY team 45,10315,070,000 
05-10-2019Michael TyasSachin warriorsORANGE ARMY team 33,8196,000,000 
14-09-2019Devaraju GuhaORANGE ARMY teamUnited Power 34,50815,000,000 
14-09-2019Steve HilfenhausRogues XIORANGE ARMY team 89,29855,000,000 
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