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Transfer History

Players bought: 85
Players sold: 106
Total purchases: Rs 420,942,241
Total sales: Rs 505,007,174
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DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
25-09-2018Tanuj UdayarS ShadowsINDIAN CRICKET TEAM 177,18943,075,900 
10-09-2018Manish MeenaINDIAN CRICKET TEAMMI avengers 162,57420,000,000 
10-09-2018Tanuj NehraS ShadowsINDIAN CRICKET TEAM 25,6082,200,000 
04-09-2018Avnish AhirwalINDIAN CRICKET TEAMMelvin Rattlesnakes 55,2778,998,000 
04-09-2018Manish MeenaS ShadowsINDIAN CRICKET TEAM 162,57450,000,000 
03-09-2018Arnav AgarwalS ShadowsINDIAN CRICKET TEAM 12,5743,400,000 
01-09-2018Alec BelloINDIAN CRICKET TEAMSBK511 69,97733,222,100 
01-09-2018Bert WaineINDIAN CRICKET TEAMAngels XI 48,9756,753,100 
01-09-2018Valerian AlemaoINDIAN CRICKET TEAMSunrisers Hyderabaad 82,98514,420,000 
01-09-2018Mohan GuptaINDIAN CRICKET TEAMViren's Team 62,8869,017,700 
30-08-2018Neeraj MantriS ShadowsINDIAN CRICKET TEAM 7,605600,000 
28-08-2018Coloman WaldronINDIAN CRICKET TEAMDNY ki CSK 48,31215,920,000 
27-08-2018Valerian AlemaoS ShadowsINDIAN CRICKET TEAM 82,98540,500,000 
26-08-2018Shannon PontingINDIAN CRICKET TEAMVeenu Evictors 76,77930,374,400 
26-08-2018Alec BelloS ShadowsINDIAN CRICKET TEAM 69,97769,050,000 
25-08-2018Shivam ChaharS ShadowsINDIAN CRICKET TEAM 11,8993,300,000 
22-08-2018Prajin KhandelwalINDIAN CRICKET TEAMRK Champs 59,6199,552,700 
22-08-2018Henry RossouwINDIAN CRICKET TEAMBlackie 62,23114,000,000 
20-08-2018Faisal JunejoINDIAN CRICKET TEAMRAVAGE 42,98714,758,700 
20-08-2018Mohan GuptaS ShadowsINDIAN CRICKET TEAM 62,88632,718,000 
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