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Transfer History

Players bought: 69
Players sold: 192
Total purchases: Rs 639,075,600
Total sales: Rs 817,151,284
Displaying 1-20 of 261 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
13-02-2019Donald DarvallArmy of Darknes XIDEEPANKIT 260,17580,000,000 
25-08-2018Somesh KhandelwalAll rounder LoverArmy of Darknes XI 75,02440,180,000 
14-08-2018Aryan MahajanArmy of Darknes XIappas11 9,9541,280,000 
13-08-2018Debopriyo KhandelwalArmy of Darknes XIappas11 13,3281,680,000 
13-08-2018Saratchandra SharmaArmy of Darknes XIappas11 13,2542,050,000 
13-08-2018Suraj BendigeriArmy of Darknes XIappas11 11,4642,200,000 
11-08-2018Marshall OxleyArmy of Darknes XIWOLVES Cricket Club 99,04235,095,100 
09-08-2018David DashBlazing SwordArmy of Darknes XI 82,88344,240,000 
06-08-2018Tegh SaabArmy of Darknes XIHyderabad Scare Crows 93,66249,870,000 
21-07-2018Modak ArakeriArmy of Darknes XIappas11 8,2992,500,000 
10-07-2018Amit DamankarArmy of Darknes XIappas11 9,9272,967,200 
02-07-2018Arjun KarnikArmy of Darknes XIROCKSTARZZZz 9,3361,320,000 
02-07-2018Aryan BhagwatArmy of Darknes XIROCKSTARZZZz 16,9683,560,000 
21-05-2018Jatin SaxenaArmy of Darknes XIappas11 11,9631,600,000 
21-05-2018Anthony NewtonArmy of Darknes XIappas11 19,0041,390,000 
21-05-2018Abhinaw GoelArmy of Darknes XIappas11 20,1421,560,000 
21-05-2018Sanjay JoshiArmy of Darknes XIappas11 32,7722,090,000 
21-05-2018Cameron TovellArmy of Darknes XIappas11 6,921580,000 
16-05-2018Edward JacobsenArmy of Darknes XIRoyals Club 101,96540,000,000 
16-05-2018Vijay MukkamalaAsrayram XIArmy of Darknes XI 59,95138,468,100 
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