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Transfer History

Players bought: 64
Players sold: 109
Total purchases: Rs 1,484,799,200
Total sales: Rs 2,317,483,500
Displaying 1-20 of 172 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
25-01-2020Yashwanth RaoSuicide Squad 007pilakudipatti apsrl levens 353,628135,728,500 
19-11-2019Ahmad ShahnawazSuicide Squad 007Challengers XI 160,86668,174,400 
06-10-2019Ahmad ShahnawazAli Raza 11Suicide Squad 007 145,35762,046,400 
22-08-2019Jeevan SaxenaSuicide Squad 007The Only One 276,343101,784,600 
19-08-2019Rohan AbeynayakeHim XI 6353Suicide Squad 007 21,81116,940,000 
29-06-2019Saurabh AggarwalSuicide Squad 007Infamous 255,383103,196,800 
22-06-2019Mitchell StarkSuicide Squad 007Pj Tuskers 12,0435,573,000 
16-06-2019Krishan KannanSuicide Squad 007Hunters kerala 13,93917,676,400 
16-06-2019Devansh AggarwalSuicide Squad 007Sriram Kings 12,68415,814,200 
16-06-2019Dougie ClarkSuicide Squad 007captain cool ms 13,62411,685,600 
16-06-2019Herbert ButlerSuicide Squad 007Beat Me If U Can 3785 13,1285,345,700 
16-06-2019Arnav SharmaSuicide Squad 007ZND'S XI 12,7457,956,800 
16-06-2019Abhijit SaphawSuicide Squad 007Nadal XI 13,7308,441,500 
14-06-2019Kalindra HmarSuicide Squad 007The Roy Club 13,58125,447,600 
10-06-2019Ethan TovellSuicide Squad 007Shahid Rockstars 266,730113,248,800 
05-06-2019Jeevan Saxenapowerpuff girlsSuicide Squad 007 247,565104,030,000 
23-05-2019Rohit TendulkarSuicide Squad 007Indian Cricket Legends 80,1648,907,200 
11-05-2019Ethan TovellAli Raza 11Suicide Squad 007 252,069114,210,000 
02-05-2019Chiranjan KhandelwalSuicide Squad 007DEEPANKIT 365,315206,000,000 
30-04-2019Chaka RushmereSuicide Squad 007Model Town Stallion 311,670120,000,000 
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