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Transfer History

Players bought: 65
Players sold: 75
Total purchases: Rs 569,424,131
Total sales: Rs 553,339,819
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DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
06-08-2018Marques BasilDaredevilsteal of eltino 12,2893,440,000 
28-07-2018Vedamsh Bihanisteal of eltinoImpulse Ironmen 1,68510,000 
28-07-2018Arbad Chaturvedisteal of eltinoImpulse Ironmen 1,17925,000 
28-07-2018Abhay Bhattathiristeal of eltinoImpulse Ironmen 73220,000 
24-07-2018Bhagavaan Sagarworlikartusharsteal of eltino 9,5903,000,000 
19-07-2018Pradip BaijalFINANCIAL HUBsteal of eltino 64,32428,695,000 
16-07-2018Kudakwashe Mbindihurricane X1steal of eltino 51,85621,421,200 
15-07-2018Paul Pitthurricane X1steal of eltino 12,4904,565,800 
15-07-2018Andrew Milnehurricane X1steal of eltino 12,7602,055,000 
07-07-2018Uttamjodh Bhallasteal of eltinoNawaz Knight Riders 8140 56830,000 
07-07-2018Awais Khansteal of eltinoRobin emperors 9,94895,000 
02-07-2018Samuel ManouThe Illusioniststeal of eltino 14,6606,130,000 
24-06-2018Javed Maliksteal of eltinoNAD E ALI 236,61933,755,000 
19-05-2018Siddharth Namputiristeal of eltinosamanthagenious 75,72511,203,200 
13-05-2018Bharat Mahlotrasteal of eltinoJigz Troy 35,7502,920,000 
09-05-2018Javed Malikhurricane X1steal of eltino 236,61965,811,700 
08-05-2018Farook Alamsteal of eltinoFINANCIAL HUB 129,33333,328,600 
08-05-2018Jagpal Saabsteal of eltinoChennai Super Kings back 29,7522,170,000 
08-05-2018Azmat Islamsteal of eltinoThe Outcasts 54,52225,387,400 
08-05-2018Siddharth NamputiriThe Illusioniststeal of eltino 73,96530,581,800 
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