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Transfer History

Players bought: 128
Players sold: 80
Total purchases: Rs 94,242,006
Total sales: Rs 73,073,116
Displaying 61-80 of 208 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
16-04-2016Farhan RahmanAkloversh7 AssetsOld Spice 32,399980,700 
14-04-2016Shubham ChhatreOld SpiceWarror's Of Dhaka 12,38722,900 
14-04-2016Junaid MahtamFaislabad Wolves 8834Old Spice 7,753100,000 
14-04-2016Ethan ZerchoReminiscenceOld Spice 10,77410,000 
13-04-2016Kiran KohliDeccan ChronicleOld Spice 7,689250,000 
11-04-2016Nicolas BondFort of RohtasOld Spice 20,76090,000 
29-03-2016Malik RaisaniDeactivated teamOld Spice 10,98465,000 
21-03-2016Alviro PetersonOld SpiceDeactivated team 15,7681,269,500 
19-03-2016Andre SepengOld SpiceGorsi Empire 16,704100,000 
18-03-2016Jacob AcklandHogwarts' XIOld Spice 14,284600,000 
18-03-2016Marley MarshHogwarts' XIOld Spice 14,469250,000 
16-03-2016Leslie MandevilleOld SpiceSarvesh CC 21,9573,000,000 
13-03-2016Rubel HaqueFantastic FourteenOld Spice 9,111316,600 
11-03-2016Shahidul IslamShahriar Tiger BattlesOld Spice 10,578200,000 
10-02-2016Ketso AmorOld SpiceSCORPION CRICKET CLUB 16,3761,188,700 
10-02-2016Glennn FairbridgeOld SpiceSandeep's XI 16,4895,483,300 
04-01-2016Jayaraman KarigalanAjArmaniOld Spice 11,408412,300 
04-01-2016Shubham ChhatreBrave BullsOld Spice 7,775331,400 
04-01-2016Nazir MalikAbstract XIOld Spice 12,054428,400 
22-12-2015Dhruv VermaOld SpiceBullet fire 10,06520,000 
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