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Transfer History

Players bought: 30
Players sold: 20
Total purchases: Rs 73,147,320
Total sales: Rs 2,041,400
Displaying 1-20 of 50 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
02-08-2020Husnan AhmedYoung Indian TigersKing Viru XI 1,65230,000 
02-08-2020Anshuman MantriYoung Indian TigersKing Viru XI 10011,100 
31-07-2020Manoj ShanikaYoung Indian Tigershawains 10013,100 
31-07-2020Badar FazalYoung Indian TigersRockerss XI 10010,300 
31-07-2020Harsh SuleYoung Indian TigersPunters 8405 10010,700 
31-07-2020Harun AliYoung Indian TigersSONIPAT WALE 19320,000 
31-07-2020Dayaakar NaiduYoung Indian TigersRockerss XI 10027,400 
31-07-2020Harry SmailYoung Indian TigersYuvi rockers 10010,000 
31-07-2020Mohammad JafferYoung Indian Tigershawains 10010,000 
31-07-2020Pritesh RaparthiYoung Indian Tigershawains 10010,000 
31-07-2020Arnav SahuYoung Indian TigersFlaming Dragons 28815,000 
29-07-2020Manu BhattaYoung Indian TigersYuvi rockers 10015,000 
28-07-2020William MuddeHawarden CCYoung Indian Tigers 75,8328,240,000 
28-07-2020Atul SalgaonkarAmaanullah HuntersYoung Indian Tigers 66,2624,418,700 
28-07-2020Alfred NewtonLEADERS OF THE PIONEERSYoung Indian Tigers 55,1185,047,000 
28-07-2020Gayan AmarasingheLEADERS OF THE PIONEERSYoung Indian Tigers 34,7854,017,000 
28-07-2020Yugesh KumarAmaanullah HuntersYoung Indian Tigers 38,7507,094,400 
28-07-2020Sriram PalupunooriBlazing PantherYoung Indian Tigers 13,1061,250,000 
28-07-2020Anshu WohraBlazing PantherYoung Indian Tigers 13,9761,250,000 
28-07-2020Dwayne BestBlazing PantherYoung Indian Tigers 20,5402,500,000 
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