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Transfer History

Players bought: 30
Players sold: 26
Total purchases: Rs 436,164,200
Total sales: Rs 319,971,600
Displaying 1-20 of 56 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
26-01-2020Jacob EvansSACHIN KNIGHT RIDERSU CAN'T SEE ME 59,82211,761,600 
25-01-2020Jacob WalkerRK ChampsSACHIN KNIGHT RIDERS 123,30274,904,200 
20-01-2020Dayaanidhi KumarSACHIN KNIGHT RIDERSteam kris1 136,01813,520,000 
04-01-2020Natraj SaxenaSACHIN KNIGHT RIDERSBrendon Blasters 42,20911,723,000 
03-01-2020Dayaanidhi KumarRK ChampsSACHIN KNIGHT RIDERS 138,05733,596,600 
08-03-2019Esmail HafeezRK ChampsSACHIN KNIGHT RIDERS 102,04961,050,000 
04-03-2019Manindra SriwastavaSACHIN KNIGHT RIDERSZULU 56,20610,866,500 
04-03-2019Shafiq SalahuddinSACHIN KNIGHT RIDERSPunalur Blasters 108,22124,550,000 
04-03-2019Glen BarbaruaSACHIN KNIGHT RIDERSpyol XI 50,7719,172,200 
04-03-2019Tawanda ChibhabhaSACHIN KNIGHT RIDERSYoung Tigers 8558 27,5741,464,100 
04-03-2019Milkha BhoiteSACHIN KNIGHT RIDERSYoung Tigers 8558 51,8654,850,000 
03-03-2019Grant HoggSACHIN KNIGHT RIDERSSmartkids 74,43111,850,000 
03-03-2019Hardik PawarSACHIN KNIGHT RIDERSKerala Strikers 7987 20,6172,227,900 
21-01-2019Jacob EvansRK ChampsSACHIN KNIGHT RIDERS 53,89242,932,800 
21-01-2019Sanmitra PiwaleSACHIN KNIGHT RIDERSU CAN'T SEE ME 35,3729,450,000 
21-01-2019Manindra SriwastavaU CAN'T SEE MESACHIN KNIGHT RIDERS 56,20624,850,000 
20-01-2019Shafiq SalahuddinRK ChampsSACHIN KNIGHT RIDERS 105,51554,950,000 
19-01-2019Dale SeversonSACHIN KNIGHT RIDERSPraful Phantoms 95,60320,121,100 
19-01-2019Subrata PatelSACHIN KNIGHT RIDERSAnandh XI 88,1119,525,000 
19-01-2019Nidip KakumaniSACHIN KNIGHT RIDERSStampeders 62,1217,500,000 
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