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Transfer History

Players bought: 31
Players sold: 33
Total purchases: Rs 75,949,700
Total sales: Rs 95,905,698
Displaying 1-20 of 63 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
26-04-2014Andrew FreemanDeactivated teamAlien 'XI' Babes 17,1901,040,400 
24-04-2014Dev RowtherAlien 'XI' BabesMixedBreed 15,7742,000,000 
06-04-2014Lester BackhouseDeactivated teamAlien 'XI' Babes 35,5491,000,000 
04-03-2014Clarence LauraAlien 'XI' BabesWarangal Knights 6,861500,000 
02-03-2014Larry AndersonRuling DynamoesAlien 'XI' Babes 6,8892,000,000 
01-03-2014Ravi PailaDeactivated teamAlien 'XI' Babes 12,5952,501,300 
01-03-2014Joshua WoodwardDeactivated teamAlien 'XI' Babes 5,5581,428,000 
18-02-2014Aidan JarvisAlien 'XI' Babes11 HAWKS 3,54250,000 
18-02-2014Gandharvaraavu KondraguntaAlien 'XI' BabesLEGEND KILLERS XI 15,75120,808,000 
13-02-2014Aidan JarvisAlien 'XI' BabesAlien 'XI' Babes 3,5421,000,000 
10-02-2014Bhagavat AnanthaAlien 'XI' Babesraging rangers 17,46320,676,600 
09-02-2014Suresh DilkiThe UnpredictablesAlien 'XI' Babes 4,4847,391,700 
08-02-2014Sumeet KhandelwalRedWingsAlien 'XI' Babes 5,1605,982,100 
06-02-2014Abhinivesh DasegoudaKING KOHLI X1Alien 'XI' Babes 5,19910,339,100 
04-02-2014Rajat PatelAlien 'XI' BabesDeactivated team 17,10924,766,800 
01-02-2014Dev RowtherDeactivated teamAlien 'XI' Babes 4,7408,160,000 
09-12-2013Abhijit VarreAlien 'XI' Babess'BaHuBaLi's 3,5191,150,000 
06-12-2013Naveed KardarDeactivated teamAlien 'XI' Babes 20,95625,000,000 
01-11-2013Harihar JainAlien 'XI' BabesMakeDamnSure 5,19617,340,000 
08-10-2013Nikhil ChaturvediDeactivated teamAlien 'XI' Babes 4,1921,020,000 
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