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Transfer History

Players bought: 270
Players sold: 262
Total purchases: Rs 2,965,110,768
Total sales: Rs 4,004,681,706
Displaying 1-20 of 518 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
27-02-2017Deepak SrishtiHarbingers Of ChaoSsuper kings X1 21,39454,589,300 
03-02-2017Monish KapoorHarbingers Of ChaoSChampions 591 18,5827,000,000 
31-01-2017Suresh ChannaHarbingers Of ChaoSJamil 11 110,92944,000,000 
21-12-2016Stuart RonchiHarbingers Of ChaoSHarbingers Of ChaoS 55,37170,000,000 
09-10-2016Dhananjay JalanHarbingers Of ChaoSPandit The Lions 15,0353,312,400 
15-09-2016Stuart RonchiCC MANCHESTER CITYHarbingers Of ChaoS 21,8494,244,900 
08-09-2016Dhruvan ArjivHarbingers Of ChaoSThe 11 Squad 94,38576,500,000 
05-09-2016Agoram MubharakPawaskar 11Harbingers Of ChaoS 14,495140,000 
29-08-2016Anil AbeywickramaHarbingers Of ChaoSINDIA RAJESH SPARTANS 77,61451,000,000 
18-08-2016Alvin JardineSingu XIHarbingers Of ChaoS 22,33963,240,000 
17-08-2016Abhinaw BihaniHarbingers Of ChaoSthe amir team 310944 46,74846,203,400 
14-08-2016Ankit GuptaViji VipersHarbingers Of ChaoS 7,17310,000 
02-08-2016Dhanishta BabuDevil CardinalsHarbingers Of ChaoS 15,42433,122,600 
29-07-2016Ankit Saxenahimanshu the powerHarbingers Of ChaoS 23,90744,163,400 
29-07-2016Azhar MalikDark HeroesHarbingers Of ChaoS 18,93726,639,500 
28-07-2016Amit SaxenakaykaySRTfanHarbingers Of ChaoS 15,22440,800,000 
27-07-2016Anil AbeywickramaBikaner BullsHarbingers Of ChaoS 75,28849,980,000 
25-07-2016Dhruvan ArjivKOLKATTA KNIGHT RIDERZHarbingers Of ChaoS 72,82052,020,000 
17-07-2016Krishna AdapaHarbingers Of ChaoSMagician's Kings 84,57056,100,000 
14-07-2016Harry PottonTeam RaftaarHarbingers Of ChaoS 16,610400,000 
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