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Transfer History

Players bought: 16
Players sold: 12
Total purchases: Rs 37,064,700
Total sales: Rs 15,422,200
Displaying 1-20 of 27 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
17-03-2019Ananto JalilAlamin Fighter BdGopal Dreamers 30,1662,690,000 
16-03-2019Ananto JalilBd HeroesAlamin Fighter Bd 30,1661,323,500 
22-02-2019Ananto JalilAlamin Fighter BdBd Heroes 33,2572,728,100 
21-02-2019Ajoy AggarwalAlamin Fighter BdDeactivated team 7,731260,000 
19-02-2019Ananto JalilThe Invisibler 4654Alamin Fighter Bd 33,2571,613,000 
19-02-2019Will ManningXtreme TeamAlamin Fighter Bd 40,9013,461,000 
18-02-2019Chandra ZauchaAlamin Fighter BdQueensland wolves 25,609790,000 
31-07-2018Alec TrottAlamin Fighter BdVijay Vipers 7,531430,000 
27-06-2018Yasir BhowmikAlamin Fighter Bdnutro 21,5804,000,000 
24-06-2018Alex JacobEngland LionsAlamin Fighter Bd 42,4808,716,300 
02-06-2018Flynn BellKaran Kings 958Alamin Fighter Bd 28,7753,337,200 
02-06-2018Nathan ForestAlamin Fighter BdAlamin Fighter Bd 6,749170,000 
23-05-2018Shamsher MehraAlamin Fighter BdRaging Bulls 8112 17,890999,000 
23-05-2018Iqbal AliAlamin Fighter BdChennai Strikers 1981 11,284906,400 
22-05-2018Satish RoopchandkaAlamin Fighter BdDark Warriors 6179 30,7832,266,000 
19-05-2018Nathan ForestHyderabadi SulthansAlamin Fighter Bd 6,749170,000 
19-05-2018Chandrakumar SavapanditASSAM RHINOS 11Alamin Fighter Bd 5,073140,000 
18-05-2018Ajith IreshaAlamin Fighter BdRock Hunters 16,297990,000 
10-05-2018Douglas WaterreusRaghul's XIAlamin Fighter Bd 19,0271,897,800 
10-05-2018Saptarshi SaiKumarMultan sultan'sAlamin Fighter Bd 46,9393,770,000 
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