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Transfer History

Players bought: 174
Players sold: 164
Total purchases: Rs 1,586,397,311
Total sales: Rs 1,560,924,788
Displaying 1-20 of 338 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
01-02-2021Sridhar AdhyeDoggy 11Pack Hunters 11,8512,980,000 
27-01-2021Sharfuddoula KadirDoggy 11Pack Hunters 13,1332,010,000 
27-01-2021Chandrakishore BiateDoggy 11Pack Hunters 12,9422,270,000 
22-12-2020Anandroop SinghDoggy 11Pack Hunters 11,8403,240,000 
22-12-2020Deb MongiaDoggy 11Pack Hunters 11,8012,980,000 
22-12-2020Somesh SaxenaDoggy 11Pack Hunters 13,5303,310,000 
22-12-2020Shyful GaziDoggy 11Pack Hunters 12,3523,010,000 
09-11-2020Chintan AcharjeeDoggy 11Pack Hunters 13,8343,060,000 
02-11-2020Samarth PatelDoggy 11Pack Hunters 12,8903,010,000 
16-10-2020Chandravadan AgarwalDoggy 11Pack Hunters 12,7443,270,000 
10-10-2020Colin DussardDoggy 11Pack Hunters 25,6092,480,000 
10-10-2020Shingi ChingokaDoggy 11Pack Hunters 12,8023,270,000 
24-09-2020Ahendra SarmaDoggy 11Pack Hunters 14,2053,320,000 
09-09-2020Amit BahniwalPack HuntersTHE NIZAM'S of HYDERABAD 13,3024,490,800 
09-09-2020Bimal RastogiDoggy 11Pack Hunters 11,7422,200,000 
07-09-2020Shashank RamanDoggy 11Pack Hunters 13,1403,360,000 
07-09-2020Omari BarnesDoggy 11Pack Hunters 11,9453,360,000 
03-09-2020Nishchal DuaDoggy 11Pack Hunters 167,38638,844,000 
01-09-2020Danish AhmadDoggy 11Pack Hunters 157,21040,027,200 
29-08-2020Perera LasanthaPack HuntersWerahera SC 48,29621,280,000 
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