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Transfer History

Players bought: 248
Players sold: 282
Total purchases: Rs 3,955,688,471
Total sales: Rs 4,940,110,577
Displaying 1-20 of 527 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
12-05-2017Archibald MamhiyoNeo The NemesisWOUNDED SAMURAI 13,9635,065,900 
06-05-2017AB GibbsNeo The NemesisThe Big Short 550,01416,735,800 
27-04-2017Dasarsh BaskaranNeo The NemesisRoasRiderzz 20,4572,196,800 
14-04-2017Alvin TaylorNeo The NemesisROWDIES OF NAGERCOIL 13,2471,067,500 
16-03-2017AB GibbsThe Real GundaNeo The Nemesis 550,014177,460,000 
13-03-2017Omari Van MoerNeo The NemesisHRIDAYPUR FIGHTERS 77,69546,380,800 
13-03-2017Aaron LowNeo The NemesisStark Wolves 97,00762,932,700 
13-03-2017Taha YasinNeo The Nemesiskillers of AWAC 76,96736,570,400 
13-03-2017Kaivalya SaxenaNeo The NemesisAlisha 11 92,34261,322,400 
13-03-2017Sifat JilaniNeo The NemesisCHARLES XI 91,84758,160,400 
11-03-2017Tino MshangweNeo The NemesisIconic Ryders 12,8822,925,000 
10-03-2017Dharamdeep DuttDeactivated teamNeo The Nemesis 7,200200,000 
10-03-2017Sulaiman ElahiSanzkariansNeo The Nemesis 9,92120,000 
10-03-2017Abanindranath SinghPrakash PacersNeo The Nemesis 5,252130,000 
10-03-2017Vedant GuwalaniBraddy BoarsNeo The Nemesis 6,571500,000 
10-03-2017Sai NaiduSunrisers hydrabad 9174Neo The Nemesis 5,907120,000 
10-03-2017Rohit ChinthamallaThe Hit WicketsNeo The Nemesis 3,51615,300 
10-03-2017Dayaananda LakamallaThe Hit WicketsNeo The Nemesis 7,68130,000 
10-03-2017Horace AbrahamShahin TigerNeo The Nemesis 21,292208,100 
10-03-2017Prashanth BalaramRumbondNeo The Nemesis 5,75010,200 
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