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Transfer History

Players bought: 178
Players sold: 257
Total purchases: Rs 2,046,175,541
Total sales: Rs 2,077,440,239
Displaying 1-20 of 435 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
08-01-2020Heath CrutchleyAz's Rising StarsMaster of Masters 66,40011,111,111 
03-01-2020Hamid NawazMaster of MastersDangerous Xi 78 88,1052,325,500 
03-01-2020Ajay KalluriMaster of MastersKundapur kings 34,7982,667,600 
02-01-2020Agam AsraniRam XI 7107Master of Masters 30,17915,940,000 
10-09-2019Shahzaib SiddiquiBattlefield11Master of Masters 102,14426,149,600 
23-04-2019Asalanka RanaweeraMaster of MastersChamps Are Here 89,17324,000,000 
22-04-2019Stan JamiesonMoy MegatronsMaster of Masters 107,04434,462,400 
27-03-2019Amit SinghMaster of MastersThe 11 stars 13,1112,280,000 
26-03-2019Masood AhmedMaster of MastersTheHoneySinghClub 45,68923,000,000 
25-03-2019Cyril FinnissWow WarriorsMaster of Masters 91,08718,259,600 
16-03-2019Arush BhatnagarSuva IndiansMaster of Masters 69,42422,672,000 
16-03-2019Ayush KamediaMaster of MastersPiyar Phantoms 4,1193,153,400 
16-03-2019Sobhan BhatiaMaster of MastersWinners obviously 11,5151,980,000 
16-03-2019Rakshit ChowdaryMaster of MastersWinners obviously 11,7881,980,000 
13-03-2019Rishab MinhasMaster of MastersWinners obviously 25,6091,650,000 
11-03-2019Leon PowellMaster of MastersWaheed Wolves 4599 52,7823,530,000 
02-03-2019Ajit MongiaMaster of MastersSaikat Blasters 13,2592,605,900 
23-02-2019Ajay KalluriGold Royals HyderabadMaster of Masters 37,5438,499,600 
19-02-2019Harshil GoelMaster of MastersThe 11 stars 66,70630,000,000 
19-02-2019Rahat AliMaster of MastersThe 11 stars 39,5105,000,000 
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