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Transfer History

Players bought: 47
Players sold: 105
Total purchases: Rs 2,042,059,200
Total sales: Rs 1,478,741,495
Displaying 1-20 of 152 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
24-08-2019Mbekezeli MatsikenyeriThe Starks of WinterfellInvincible Thunder Strikers XI 132,12467,196,200 
23-08-2019Himmat KohliInvincible Thunder Strikers XIcaptain cool ms 161,59658,836,000 
11-08-2019Saptarshi ChakrabortyInvincible Thunder Strikers XIPuja Pirates 133,10413,281,600 
30-07-2019Balkar Dhariwalpowerpuff girlsInvincible Thunder Strikers XI 208,89188,322,400 
27-07-2019Arjun SaxenaInvincible Thunder Strikers XIkarnataka warriors 349,16083,238,400 
22-07-2019Birendra PhukonSONU UNITED XIInvincible Thunder Strikers XI 141,27567,869,200 
21-07-2019Byam WadeInvincible Thunder Strikers XIKarthik yuvians 143,74043,530,000 
18-07-2019Tarun JajooInvincible Thunder Strikers XITeam Noida 166,70018,938,400 
16-07-2019Parth BarooahLong Hop XIInvincible Thunder Strikers XI 183,87279,028,900 
12-07-2019Zahid SialThe OutcastsInvincible Thunder Strikers XI 255,915130,000,000 
11-07-2019Darren BaldryInvincible Thunder Strikers XINikwolverine 246,070144,110,400 
16-05-2019Jack BaddeleyRudimoInvincible Thunder Strikers XI 194,08468,612,900 
16-05-2019Johny GaleInvincible Thunder Strikers XIXI Stars Singh Nagar 156,29339,941,600 
18-04-2019Michael BrittonInvincible Thunder Strikers XIJabardast Xi 199,76850,790,400 
17-04-2019Mark ZerchoyipInvincible Thunder Strikers XI 216,30072,623,300 
16-02-2019Darren BaldryKang S GhostridersInvincible Thunder Strikers XI 199,788134,556,800 
13-02-2019Sureshh RainaInvincible Thunder Strikers XIFINANCIAL HUB 168,835140,569,500 
04-02-2019Himmat KohliSTYLISH STARSInvincible Thunder Strikers XI 144,16874,263,000 
01-02-2019Mahendraa DhoniInvincible Thunder Strikers XISiya XI 252,35770,326,400 
22-12-2018Satyajeet DangeInvincible Thunder Strikers XIRajasthan Royals 4090 29,0764,080,000 
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