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Transfer History

Players bought: 62
Players sold: 80
Total purchases: Rs 1,113,389,900
Total sales: Rs 1,318,078,631
Displaying 1-20 of 141 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
10-03-2019Lakmal RanatungaRahul's Rising StarsNab'z Empire 89,39015,763,400 
10-03-2019Vishwanth BaluRahul's Rising Starsdelhi warriors 368 144,33220,131,300 
09-03-2019Firdaus AkramRahul's Rising StarsWestmeadows Warriors 86,48310,843,200 
08-03-2019Marcus CaseyThe Great One'Rahul's Rising Stars 31,74219,200,000 
03-03-2019Leon MarquisThe Great One'Rahul's Rising Stars 70,55540,000,000 
11-02-2019Nicky CawseyThe Great One'Rahul's Rising Stars 12,9434,240,000 
11-02-2019Anshuman SinghThe Great One'Rahul's Rising Stars 13,4472,900,000 
11-02-2019Ankur RakhejaThe Great One'Rahul's Rising Stars 6,3081,400,000 
11-02-2019Kerry GlenThe Great One'Rahul's Rising Stars 28,9156,150,000 
03-02-2019Sajal MadanThe Great One'Rahul's Rising Stars 16,85010,000,000 
03-02-2019Nilay RaparthiThe Great One'Rahul's Rising Stars 74,40033,000,000 
04-12-2018Vakul AgarwalThe Great One'Rahul's Rising Stars 25,1514,300,000 
29-11-2018Larry OxleyRahul's Rising StarsMayank Mavericks 17,6422,173,900 
28-11-2018Bipin BajajRahul's Rising StarsPakistani Stars 7475 13,8071,055,800 
27-11-2018Peter RandallRahul's Rising StarsM Supper Kings 25,609825,000 
24-11-2018Vishwanth BaluThe BlackcapsRahul's Rising Stars 197,21344,712,000 
24-11-2018Larry OxleyThe Great One'Rahul's Rising Stars 17,6425,500,000 
24-11-2018Peter RandallThe Great One'Rahul's Rising Stars 25,6092,450,000 
03-11-2018Reginald JaquesThe Great One'Rahul's Rising Stars 25,24312,000,000 
03-11-2018Brogan AndersonRahul's Rising StarsClacton C C 22,246610,100 
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