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Transfer History

Players bought: 252
Players sold: 226
Total purchases: Rs 2,712,644,700
Total sales: Rs 3,145,323,676
Displaying 81-100 of 477 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
11-11-2017Mthunz TaitWest End RedbacksIMMORTAL SAGE 80,76116,000,000 
31-10-2017Edward WyattWest End RedbacksNayak Oregons 19,9572,502,300 
31-10-2017Prakhar ChowdhuryWest End RedbacksThe Blackcaps 116,27814,852,600 
31-10-2017Maheeka Chandimalansh warriorsWest End Redbacks 167,97124,924,600 
26-10-2017Ian AddisWest End RedbacksDEFEATING AMIGOS CHENNAI 23,17111,000,000 
23-10-2017Sahani SandraSiewiczWest End Redbacks 113,28624,597,800 
18-10-2017Dougie KrugerWest End RedbacksDeactivated team 31,58819,000,000 
18-10-2017Aditya SibhiWest End RedbacksCtn Gamer 47,65929,000,000 
17-10-2017Pavithra TharaniCricketing Divas 320175West End Redbacks 186,99528,705,300 
17-10-2017Njabulo MpofuWest End RedbacksGobi Kings 121,06327,000,000 
11-10-2017Vinodi Nisansalabhubaneswar bravesWest End Redbacks 151,88128,000,000 
10-10-2017Naveed IbadullaSuryavanshisWest End Redbacks 113,80125,002,900 
10-10-2017Abhishek PatildictatorWest End Redbacks 104,83835,020,000 
10-10-2017Rafiq MaqsoodReal Riders XIWest End Redbacks 118,78624,855,800 
08-10-2017Russell CronjeInvincible United XIWest End Redbacks 135,96164,000,000 
07-10-2017Dougie KrugerSmith XI 9598West End Redbacks 31,58818,032,800 
07-10-2017Mthunz TaitCimexWest End Redbacks 88,49017,389,300 
07-10-2017Billy BasherWest End RedbacksDozy Buggas 87,57665,000,000 
05-10-2017Faiz MahmoodWest End RedbacksSunrisers Hyderabads 14,356500,000 
05-10-2017Mohan BarmechaWest End RedbacksVin's All Star XI 166,19070,000,000 
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