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Transfer History

Players bought: 252
Players sold: 226
Total purchases: Rs 2,712,644,700
Total sales: Rs 3,145,323,676
Displaying 21-40 of 477 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
27-03-2018Ewart MannWest End RedbacksMyrmidones 45,54231,427,700 
27-03-2018Andrew FranklinWest End RedbacksFrenzy Fazers 59,21618,320,000 
27-03-2018Moin BadiniWest End RedbacksRogues XI 39,21936,939,800 
27-03-2018Arlo StewartWest End Redbacksnazuk 40,59628,279,700 
27-03-2018Hammad BhattiWest End RedbacksCaptain cool Dhoni 68,5765,880,000 
27-03-2018Geoff ButlerWest End RedbacksChennai Kings 5400 10,7811,965,900 
24-01-2018Sateesh ThakwaniSeamers 3878West End Redbacks 53,8486,048,300 
23-01-2018Andrew FranklinLightning StrikeWest End Redbacks 49,72516,500,000 
23-01-2018Akbar KhanJippyengeWest End Redbacks 24,13213,390,000 
23-01-2018Brolly WilsonThe arrow returnsWest End Redbacks 35,18421,075,300 
23-01-2018Sam BrackenThe arrow returnsWest End Redbacks 32,2678,582,700 
23-01-2018Arthur WalterFresh StarsWest End Redbacks 31,62715,460,000 
23-01-2018Moin Bhattieleven stunnersWest End Redbacks 14,6049,605,900 
23-01-2018Gulam PetersonIniya XIWest End Redbacks 21,4619,000,000 
23-01-2018Hammad BhattiDeactivated teamWest End Redbacks 57,9424,635,000 
23-01-2018Arlo StewartStraw hats XIWest End Redbacks 26,29721,196,800 
22-01-2018Moin BadiniScOrPiOnRiDeRsWest End Redbacks 28,32516,300,000 
22-01-2018Ewart MannAKHAND BHARATWest End Redbacks 31,59220,980,400 
21-01-2018Mark AaronKnights XIIWest End Redbacks 22,65315,965,000 
21-01-2018Inayat MahmidzaadaArCeUs XIVWest End Redbacks 55,8575,251,900 
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