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Transfer History

Players bought: 83
Players sold: 128
Total purchases: Rs 508,368,280
Total sales: Rs 403,903,792
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DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
01-08-2019George MortonMITRA'S CHENNAI SUPER KINGSDeactivated team 13,9811,600,000 
20-07-2019George AdamsYASH M XIMITRA'S CHENNAI SUPER KINGS 148,29052,825,600 
20-07-2019Rasnam SaabMITRA'S CHENNAI SUPER KINGSBaroda 13,4042,710,000 
20-07-2019Sean EloiMITRA'S CHENNAI SUPER KINGSR K Warriors 4016 12,0191,600,000 
15-07-2019Clyde InnissMITRA'S CHENNAI SUPER KINGSGhafoor Griffins 106,75012,876,000 
05-07-2019Stan JardineMITRA'S CHENNAI SUPER KINGSLovely Urbans 79,66318,000,000 
28-06-2019Clyde InnissDhaka RevengersMITRA'S CHENNAI SUPER KINGS 110,94712,792,600 
18-06-2019Yash MongiaMITRA'S CHENNAI SUPER KINGSKargil 10,8925,204,400 
05-06-2019Andrew JacobMITRA'S CHENNAI SUPER KINGSShityDonkey 53,00510,927,300 
04-06-2019Gary LaurantusDev REDDY HuntersMITRA'S CHENNAI SUPER KINGS 174,58140,574,700 
29-05-2019Laurence WebbyMITRA'S CHENNAI SUPER KINGSScorpionsXI 84,05216,000,000 
26-05-2019Andrew BadhamASH 'THE BOMB SQUAD'MITRA'S CHENNAI SUPER KINGS 122,27626,025,300 
26-05-2019Karan AggarwalMITRA'S CHENNAI SUPER KINGSThe Destroyer 145,16540,000,000 
26-05-2019Novindra SethMITRA'S CHENNAI SUPER KINGSChennai Super Kings100 52,3897,000,000 
25-05-2019Mustafa TareenPakistan Python'sMITRA'S CHENNAI SUPER KINGS 182,52852,533,300 
23-05-2019Winston LaverChampions Dream XIMITRA'S CHENNAI SUPER KINGS 97,79935,000,000 
23-05-2019Larry HannamMITRA'S CHENNAI SUPER KINGSAmritsar Ace Warriors 15,4492,418,900 
22-05-2019George KapriceMITRA'S CHENNAI SUPER KINGSChampions Dream XI 109,04553,040,000 
15-05-2019Aaron BastolaMITRA'S CHENNAI SUPER KINGSDelhi strikers 8227 64,07319,001,400 
11-05-2019Nilay MohantyMITRA'S CHENNAI SUPER KINGSNitya XI 11,6952,490,000 
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