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Transfer History

Players bought: 134
Players sold: 154
Total purchases: Rs 1,100,986,916
Total sales: Rs 1,151,665,630
Displaying 1-20 of 287 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
30-05-2020Abhay MishraFeni Fighters mdkh395Superstars of Cricket 11,6772,218,400 
30-05-2020Sajil SethFeni Fighters mdkh395Superstars of Cricket 14,5671,411,100 
30-05-2020Sachin SaxenaFeni Fighters mdkh395Superstars of Cricket 11,8681,100,000 
30-05-2020Rajat NarayanFeni Fighters mdkh395Superstars of Cricket 16,1941,534,700 
24-05-2020Kanwal AnandFeni Fighters mdkh395CrUsH ThE FoRcE 27,90727,091,300 
24-05-2020Stanley MilneFeni Fighters mdkh395Pirates of the Caribbeann 20,4435,697,100 
23-05-2020Nathan ThorpeFeni Fighters mdkh395Unstoppable Faddebaazzz 13,6553,912,100 
23-05-2020Satnam KohliFeni Fighters mdkh395Hit Topper 17,2571,970,000 
23-05-2020Yunus IslamFeni Fighters mdkh395Vizag whales 27,73819,570,900 
22-05-2020Nipuna PasqualFeni Fighters mdkh395Roy Rivals 13,8091,580,000 
22-05-2020Ashutosh SaraogiFeni Fighters mdkh395varun tigers 13,7644,090,000 
22-05-2020Sachleen GuptaFeni Fighters mdkh395WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER 14,5064,690,000 
22-05-2020Anmol KapoorFeni Fighters mdkh395WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER 16,9506,573,300 
22-05-2020Souvik MadeedharFeni Fighters mdkh395Deepdale Ducks 30,10018,690,000 
15-05-2020Zaviyar LashariFeni Fighters mdkh395United Eleven 385,81183,889,900 
07-05-2020Rajat NarayanSmartkidsFeni Fighters mdkh395 12,0813,780,000 
30-04-2020Stanley MilneThe Family MenFeni Fighters mdkh395 14,0585,304,500 
26-04-2020Anmol KapoorBlazing Mumbai WarcraftsFeni Fighters mdkh395 10,9063,500,000 
26-04-2020Ashutosh SaraogiRed Rangers 7558Feni Fighters mdkh395 12,0922,575,000 
24-04-2020Kanwal AnandVarun ZonersFeni Fighters mdkh395 18,5273,141,500 
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