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Transfer History

Players bought: 61
Players sold: 74
Total purchases: Rs 578,500,100
Total sales: Rs 488,220,600
Displaying 1-20 of 135 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
27-03-2020Daksh TrivediSydney ChargersThe Himalayan Knight XI 77,42332,500,000 
27-03-2020Logarajan HashaniThe Himalayan Knight XISydney Chargers 177,80740,331,200 
27-03-2020Joshua WilliamsThe Himalayan Knight XISydney Chargers 104,63216,090,000 
22-03-2020Harshit RakhejaThe Himalayan Knight XILe Panga 2811 26,201655,000 
22-03-2020Anupam AgarwalThe Himalayan Knight XILe Panga 2811 12,60595,000 
22-03-2020Shashank EnugantiSydney ChargersThe Himalayan Knight XI 69,38633,500,000 
22-03-2020Larry HannamSydney ChargersThe Himalayan Knight XI 76,40835,000,000 
22-03-2020Amanpreet GrewalSydney ChargersThe Himalayan Knight XI 54,24920,500,000 
22-03-2020Alun ThorpeThe Himalayan Knight XISydney Chargers 49,8775,000,000 
22-03-2020Clarke BoyceThe Himalayan Knight XISydney Chargers 109,53810,500,000 
22-03-2020Sebastian PerryThe Himalayan Knight XISydney Chargers 100,9077,500,000 
11-03-2020Akilan RoopchandkaThe Himalayan Knight XIKings XI Pheonix 38,33210,500,000 
04-03-2020Abhay KohliThe Himalayan Knight XIDESTROYER ELEVEN XI 28,22420,896,100 
23-02-2020Vimal SuranaThe Himalayan Knight XIBlazing Mumbai Warcrafts 110,77116,879,200 
23-02-2020Kiran AhanthemThe Himalayan Knight XIBlazing Mumbai Warcrafts 37,90710,000,000 
19-02-2020Oliver MarthamThe Himalayan Knight XIBlue Blasters 5082 36,7351,639,200 
25-01-2020Joshua WilliamsKolkata StallionsThe Himalayan Knight XI 111,56320,720,000 
24-01-2020Ahendranath GoelThe Himalayan Knight XIAllegiants 15,0372,430,000 
24-01-2020Sam BevanThe Himalayan Knight XIRio De Janeiro AceWarriors 163,22130,000,000 
20-01-2020Andre BoatengSuper Indian WarriorsThe Himalayan Knight XI 22,0193,830,000 
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