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Transfer History

Players bought: 61
Players sold: 116
Total purchases: Rs 1,258,136,887
Total sales: Rs 1,089,387,608
Displaying 1-20 of 176 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
11-08-2020Michael RussellTilak dashB L A C K C A P S 113,78799,548,200 
09-08-2020Dave WarnerB L A C K C A P SMaddy Beast Boys 178,53665,239,000 
10-07-2020Marvan Jayawardenethe phantom warriors XIB L A C K C A P S 16,0437,580,800 
01-07-2020Ant SatchelKings XI KhulnaB L A C K C A P S 205,33477,102,400 
28-06-2020Bhargav BhattB L A C K C A P SGoMan 180,79857,031,000 
24-06-2020Andrew ClairmonteB L A C K C A P SBack To Basics 68,66622,286,400 
24-05-2020Evan JaquesB L A C K C A P SUnstoppable Faddebaazzz 14,2716,110,400 
24-05-2020Tino ButlerHURRICANE'S ARMYB L A C K C A P S 27,5334,264,200 
29-04-2020Nikin PatlolaThundering TitansB L A C K C A P S 108,857105,000,000 
19-04-2020Farris AstonB L A C K C A P SThe Unbeatable Xi 214,49780,079,400 
06-03-2020Ajeet BhagwatiB L A C K C A P Sfight for honour 13,1022,737,500 
17-02-2020Jason RonchiIPLVictorsB L A C K C A P S 252,860155,645,100 
13-02-2020Jack KallisB L A C K C A P SGag's warrior 379,383147,259,000 
26-01-2020Wes WallaceB L A C K C A P SBharadwaj XI 225,40247,541,100 
31-12-2019Andrew ClairmonteGenius Eleven 99B L A C K C A P S 53,97715,913,500 
25-12-2019Arthur DamsB L A C K C A P SJani na 9396912 87,13612,510,900 
23-12-2019Bhargav Bhattindia 3282B L A C K C A P S 130,91742,436,000 
21-12-2019Gerald LavaterB L A C K C A P STYPHOON FIGHTER'S 166,38826,878,800 
19-12-2019Rishav SailoSCC XIB L A C K C A P S 111,03594,437,400 
14-12-2019Misbah KhushkB L A C K C A P SEl Camino 187,56633,765,400 
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