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Transfer History

Players bought: 190
Players sold: 176
Total purchases: Rs 2,115,982,034
Total sales: Rs 2,334,232,697
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DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
26-04-2018Elham NawabiWhat's in a nameOMG Freaks 49,14627,106,000 
23-04-2018Gurbaaz DabhadeCS StarsWhat's in a name 4,11070,000 
19-02-2018Khemprakash UpponiWhat's in a nameTITAN GLADIATOR'S XI 41,66515,627,900 
19-02-2018Vijayapal SaxenaWhat's in a nameChennai Super Kings SD 32,4256,010,100 
19-02-2018Justin ThomasWhat's in a nameLapasiya's Legends 44,94831,372,300 
19-02-2018Scott BaddeleyWhat's in a nameChanakyan Urbans 52,16424,452,200 
12-02-2018Chudamani GondkarWhat's in a nameKings Xi Punjab 290 57,13421,802,900 
01-02-2018Moin BizenjoWhat's in a nameVikram Vegans 5931 15,120824,000 
16-12-2017Khemprakash UpponiPuneri RadaWhat's in a name 27,8033,910,000 
16-12-2017Chudamani GondkarReapers 5302What's in a name 43,6545,990,000 
11-12-2017Abheek AroraWhat's in a nameArghya's Knights 67,52915,328,300 
11-12-2017Akshit RavinduWhat's in a nameROYAL KING BLUE 15 105,05115,882,300 
10-12-2017Aishwarya IngaleWhat's in a nameSourav Sledgers 4444 16,6921,839,500 
10-12-2017Thashmila RandivWhat's in a nameEkanshu daredevils 22,3696,322,700 
10-12-2017Jivan SaxenaWhat's in a nameSIMRAN WARRIORS 107,98128,840,000 
10-12-2017Sam SteeleWhat's in a nameSeth Rollens 2113 40,7868,265,400 
10-12-2017Mitch StarcWhat's in a namedown to the earth 50,8689,552,700 
10-12-2017Arvind NayarWhat's in a nameSyed x11 32,8715,304,500 
10-12-2017Lakshika WelegedaraWhat's in a namedown to the earth 80,77814,334,100 
10-12-2017Sandra ErangaWhat's in a nameSIMRAN WARRIORS 77,38215,000,000 
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