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Transfer History

Players bought: 22
Players sold: 19
Total purchases: Rs 35,449,700
Total sales: Rs 20,798,460
Displaying 1-20 of 39 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
17-11-2017Sampath HansaniM A FIGHTERSara Snakes 16,972185,900 
14-11-2017Damien MacGillM A FIGHTERBlessings Guns 20,0171,140,000 
13-11-2017Lohith ReddyM A FIGHTERMilind Commandoz 3471 19,2341,000,000 
12-11-2017Lohith ReddyM A FIGHTERM A FIGHTER 19,234112,600 
07-11-2017Deeptimoy KumarDp11 9596M A FIGHTER 36,8403,197,700 
07-11-2017David HilfenhausM A FIGHTERbihar champs 9305 16,4821,029,300 
06-11-2017Amir ShahKING XI GujaratM A FIGHTER 35,3754,949,600 
06-11-2017Safdar NawazM A FIGHTERMugiwara Eleven 20,1701,030,000 
05-11-2017Owen SchawM A FIGHTERchallenger boys 42,0045,297,900 
02-11-2017Haris MaqsoodM A FIGHTERAnandrvyas 20,7821,735,000 
02-11-2017Ms RajM A FIGHTERT J Warriors 14,548238,000 
02-11-2017Ratanbir BrarM A FIGHTERCsk Eleven 8803 18,225545,000 
02-11-2017Umar MiandadDrunk Boys XIM A FIGHTER 15,494931,400 
25-10-2017Haris Maqsoodpakhtun tiger 464M A FIGHTER 20,7824,243,600 
17-10-2017Harshal AgarwalM A FIGHTERSunrisers 9045 14,796900,000 
01-10-2017Paritosh BafnaM A FIGHTERDeactivated team 11,269399,800 
01-10-2017Rupak GoyalM A FIGHTERRick Royals 2876 10,206155,000 
01-10-2017Abhishek MehndirattaM A FIGHTERTiano Triggers 28,2781,500,000 
29-09-2017Lohith ReddySpartan warriors 6334M A FIGHTER 21,2522,105,400 
23-09-2017Mohammad HridoyDektay RahoM A FIGHTER 28,0137,351,600 
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