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Transfer History

Players bought: 132
Players sold: 133
Total purchases: Rs 2,290,872,002
Total sales: Rs 2,474,732,120
Displaying 161-180 of 264 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
20-09-2016Oscar Ackmansaravanan ccAll rounder Lover 27,1668,517,000 
19-09-2016JP McLarenAll rounder LoverIMPLOSION THUNDERS 46,03722,600,000 
19-09-2016Vinod SinghAll rounder Loverjsda 26,3968,659,500 
17-09-2016Neil MatthewsAll rounder Loverind Lions 24,3624,080,000 
17-09-2016Patrick WalterAll rounder LoverDeactivated team 22,6486,800,000 
12-09-2016Galton ZoxMumbai BigshotsAll rounder Lover 18,4283,501,500 
11-09-2016Thomas WatsonMost WantedAll rounder Lover 17,3536,302,000 
04-09-2016Brenden WalshAll rounder Loversidd champs 26,3298,000,000 
21-08-2016Byam FreemanAll rounder LoverLegendary Acers 14,0113,200,000 
18-08-2016Afridi LeghariAll rounder LoverKannanramki 9,55310,200 
18-08-2016Kevin ActonAll rounder Lovermahi the captain cool 13,83610,000 
17-08-2016Shokat KardarAll rounder Loverwin maker 8,792100,000 
17-08-2016Paras MaheshwariAll rounder LoverTamilan 6737 6,13210,200 
16-08-2016Patrick WalterretiredAll rounder Lover 19,0725,100,000 
14-08-2016Brahmabrata HurkadliAll rounder LoverKrijgers 31,27915,154,200 
14-08-2016Siddarth YeddalaAll rounder LoverVishu Champs 12,645238,200 
14-08-2016Wolde MortonAll rounder LoverROYAL KINGS IX 13,749280,000 
10-08-2016Daniel RichardsonAll rounder LoverMDSliders 16,521500,000 
10-08-2016Hussein SalahuddinAll rounder LoverHancock Warriors 27,49213,721,800 
10-08-2016Kelvin RussellAll rounder LoverBlackBeards 27,7852,400,000 
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