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Transfer History

Players bought: 132
Players sold: 133
Total purchases: Rs 2,290,872,002
Total sales: Rs 2,474,732,120
Displaying 141-160 of 264 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
25-10-2016Mithil AchariAll rounder LoverYou Can't Have it 32,9646,000,000 
25-10-2016Dakshinaamuarti UllalAll rounder LoverSumitdhaka Sledgers 51,15314,565,600 
24-10-2016Aaryan DhingraAll rounder LoverThunder's 19,4953,247,400 
24-10-2016Xavier BadcoeAll rounder LoverDeactivated team 27,3455,508,000 
23-10-2016Rizwan MahmoodAll rounder LoverDeactivated team 9,92141,700 
20-10-2016Savieri PienaarAll rounder LoverAnchal Boys 12,1271,530,000 
20-10-2016Puma JnrLafangeAll rounder Lover 16,90924,855,600 
19-10-2016Galton ZoxAll rounder LoverVinkal 308325 23,3974,775,500 
19-10-2016Thomas WatsonAll rounder LoverBardhanutsab Radheya 22,0064,888,080 
14-10-2016Henry FinnissAll rounder LoverWhy So Serious 18,5064,080,000 
30-09-2016Jacques WickhamAll rounder LoverBlazing EagleZ 27,1966,936,000 
29-09-2016Adrian NeroDeactivated teamAll rounder Lover 76,42360,564,600 
28-09-2016Jacob ReinholdKhan Cricket Club U20All rounder Lover 55,68528,611,000 
28-09-2016Vincent ChurnsideAll rounder LoverJEDI ACADEMY 24,2207,140,000 
25-09-2016Mahinda KavindiPALNADU FIGHTERSAll rounder Lover 60,93913,651,900 
25-09-2016Dakshinaamuarti UllalVizag ChallengersAll rounder Lover 44,03213,514,000 
25-09-2016Mithil AcharikILIMANUR kILEISAll rounder Lover 32,9646,845,500 
24-09-2016Xavier BadcoeChennai Super Kings 1633All rounder Lover 27,3456,140,000 
24-09-2016Aaryan DhingraMADE IN DHAKAAll rounder Lover 16,084883,500 
20-09-2016Sankalp MahlotraSTAR TREKAll rounder Lover 33,4957,817,100 
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