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Transfer History

Players bought: 132
Players sold: 133
Total purchases: Rs 2,290,872,002
Total sales: Rs 2,474,732,120
Displaying 101-120 of 264 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
20-03-2017Jack JarmanAll rounder LoverYou Can't Have it 46,74015,000,000 
20-03-2017Shabbir NoorzaiAll rounder LoverMUMBAI INDIANS 1213 38,6927,140,000 
17-03-2017Keith GreenAll rounder LoverPranesh Decepticons 58,9198,670,000 
14-03-2017Gihan UpekshaINDIA TEAM XIAll rounder Lover 31,85910,098,000 
09-03-2017Chandraprakash GoyalDeactivated teamAll rounder Lover 24,9729,914,200 
23-02-2017Dulaj AmendraAll rounder LoverGame Swingers 20,5518,160,000 
16-02-2017Reginald HoggAll rounder Loverorange army 6820 12,642510,000 
15-02-2017Keith GreenGobsAll rounder Lover 58,91911,686,300 
12-02-2017Jack JarmanAussie OIAll rounder Lover 46,74016,288,500 
10-02-2017Hyat BhabraPNLP fireAll rounder Lover 23,5203,158,400 
09-02-2017Jon LaverShakib 75All rounder Lover 21,6335,200,000 
08-02-2017Dhone ShivuChennai Super KoupreysAll rounder Lover 44,01615,300,000 
08-02-2017Adrian DoweAll rounder LoverTS Bulls 34,8124,590,000 
04-02-2017Swapy BlazeAll rounder LoverHell Hunters 311465 39,14040,000,000 
09-01-2017Jacob AndersonAll rounder LoverAbhi cool 26,8941,500,000 
07-01-2017Shabbir NoorzaiMashmit XIAll rounder Lover 38,6929,185,000 
07-01-2017Adrian DoweShadow RIDERZAll rounder Lover 34,8124,594,900 
24-12-2016Ganaraj ChudasamaAll rounder LoverNandamuri simham 21,1193,000,000 
21-12-2016Abhinav ChettiAll rounder Loverwarrior XI 58 32,03714,704,000 
20-12-2016Earl RonchiMumbai Indians 9117All rounder Lover 15,90613,200 
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