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Transfer History

Players bought: 132
Players sold: 133
Total purchases: Rs 2,290,872,002
Total sales: Rs 2,474,732,120
Displaying 181-200 of 264 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
08-08-2016Vincent ChurnsideThe MS DhoniAll rounder Lover 17,0903,060,000 
05-08-2016Agney KondalkarAll rounder LoverDeactivated team 16,6021,900,000 
05-08-2016Lawton GlynnAll rounder Loverkms xi 29 29,3002,300,000 
05-08-2016Mani SaranAll rounder LoverMANISARAN 49,82823,958,400 
01-08-2016David ZondiAll rounder LoverLions U19 21,3925,124,600 
31-07-2016Rodger WilliamsAll rounder LoverCtn Gamer 24,7673,000,000 
31-07-2016Jacques WickhamDEVILSRIAll rounder Lover 16,5071,061,300 
30-07-2016JP McLarenDeactivated teamAll rounder Lover 33,9587,650,000 
30-07-2016Vinod SinghCRAZIEYAPSAll rounder Lover 16,8893,197,600 
30-07-2016Rishab CholagarAll rounder LoverKiller XII 42,3267,728,700 
30-07-2016Kepler MadiganAll rounder LoverUniversal Champs 20,3416,000,000 
30-07-2016Dhruvraj FrostAll rounder LoverEleven Renegades 48,62227,811,800 
25-07-2016Jonathan BradleyAll rounder Loveromkar's warriors 28,2366,191,700 
25-07-2016Hanif HussainAll rounder LoverFormidable CC 46,66610,177,600 
25-07-2016Deon KnibbsAll rounder LoverImperil Xi 36,19310,000,000 
22-07-2016Saharsh GuptaAll rounder LoverDeath Blow XI 53,8139,024,000 
27-06-2016Rodger WilliamsGADWAL RAIDERS 97All rounder Lover 23,9715,631,100 
26-06-2016Rishab CholagarDeactivated teamAll rounder Lover 42,02810,361,800 
25-06-2016Daniel RichardsonDeactivated teamAll rounder Lover 16,52143,500 
25-06-2016Kevin ActonDeactivated teamAll rounder Lover 13,83640,800 
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