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Transfer History

Players bought: 125
Players sold: 126
Total purchases: Rs 1,987,807,002
Total sales: Rs 2,314,881,920
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DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
28-10-2019Amitesh BeriwalThe Spin AttackAll rounder Lover 108,16010,352,800 
11-10-2019Shoaib AsimAll rounder LoverFatal Eagles 177,94447,901,800 
24-06-2019Asad SalarzaiAll rounder LoverTHUNDER KNIGHTS 44,62318,849,000 
24-06-2019Zaviyar GauherAll rounder LoverBlaze King's 82,29431,000,000 
23-06-2019Rahul KotlaAll rounder Loverrinku10011 32,31115,000,000 
23-06-2019Suranga AmarakoonAll rounder Loverrinku10011 57,82120,000,000 
23-06-2019Shoaib AsimRogues XIAll rounder Lover 177,944120,000,000 
22-06-2019Gaurav DeAll rounder LoverNepali Rockers 52,68922,000,000 
22-06-2019Adan BhagwatiAll rounder LoverRising 11 68,90322,000,000 
18-06-2019Declan MealeyPsychic WarriorsAll rounder Lover 42,5685,000,000 
18-06-2019Asad SalarzaiPsychic WarriorsAll rounder Lover 44,6237,270,000 
16-06-2019Shripad JainPsychic WarriorsAll rounder Lover 22,5025,000,000 
20-05-2019Adan BhagwatiTHUNDER KNIGHTSAll rounder Lover 68,90311,329,600 
30-03-2019Suranga AmarakoonCharlotte HornetsAll rounder Lover 51,27420,000,000 
02-01-2019Rahul KotlaPULSEAll rounder Lover 19,0815,000,000 
08-12-2018Meghnad BunkarAll rounder LoverDilip Dilettantes 107,20221,906,200 
08-12-2018Gaurav DeAKKI PUNKERSAll rounder Lover 31,37018,270,000 
28-11-2018Meghnad BunkarONE TEAM ONE DREAMAll rounder Lover 103,94247,000,000 
27-09-2018Zaviyar GauherTHE SPECIAL ONEAll rounder Lover 17,7104,000,000 
10-09-2018Daruka KarthaAll rounder Lovernikhil warriors 128,44860,616,800 
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